Crystals to Increase Your Psychic Abilities


You can use crystals to increase your psychic gifts. There are some crystals that are better for this than others. Some don’t believe that everyone has a psychic gift but the truth is that everyone has one but not everyone has one that is developed.

Manifesting your psychic gifts is important if you want to be able to increase your gifts and your life. Some people believe that you will have your gifts that stand out like a billboard but that isn’t always true.

Maybe when you were a kid you thought that psychics were all fake. You might wonder why a psychic will never give you the winning lottery numbers or why they won’t give you a date that something is going to happen.

There are people that believe in some things and don’t believe in other things. This is part of normal life. So if you talk about psychic gifts then you face the chances of people believing that you are being silly. But you have to decide for yourself if you believe in psychic gifts or not.

Kinds of Psychic Gifts

The clair gifts are some of the most known psychic gifts. These are gifts that use the senses but not the physical senses but the spiritual senses. Here are what the clair gifts are:


This is a gift of clear seeing. This gift means that you see images or visions in your mind. This is a gift that works great for people that are interior decorators, designers or artists.


Clairaudience means clear hearing. This means that you can hear voices that aren’t yours. The voices are sometimes in your head, but it can also be music or other sounds.


A clairsentient person is one that can feel when things are going on. This is clear feeling. This means that you might have a gut feeling, or you might sense energies when you enter the room. This gift means that you can pick up on the energy of others.


Claircognizance is clear knowing. This means that you can know a warning ahead of time or that you can use dreams to understand what might happen in the future.


Clairalience is clear smelling. There are people that can smell things in the spiritual world such as a perfume of someone that they know that used to be alive or even the smell of cigars.


Clairgustance is clear tasting. This clair gift means that you are able to taste things in the spirit world. This can bring back memories and help you to reach into the spiritual world and know what is going on around you.