Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

Dangers of Opening Your Third EyeYour third eye is part of your intuition and you might not always be aware of things that your third eye is telling you.  You might be uncomfortable or feel that you need to change your own behavior, and this can lead to dreams while you are sleeping.  This doesn’t mean that it is best to keep your third eye closed, it does mean thought that there can be costs.

When you open your third eye, it can be dangerous because it can cause you to have foresight that will bring you sadness or will cause you to be upset.

Third Eye

The third eye is located in your pineal gland and is believed to be the place where your soul sits.  This is where people gain intuition.  This gives people potential and helps them to identify themselves.

Everyone has a third eye but not everyone has access to it. Some have more access than others.

Anytime that you have a gut feeling, it comes from your third eye.  When you know something in your gut and you do it, you will be listening to your third eye and it is helpful so that you can know what is happening in your life.

Besides just helping you, it can give you access to other people and vibrations that can make you stronger.  The third eye helps you to see things in yourself and others.

Third Eye Awakening

Some people think that they need to work hard to make their third eye awake, but it is already open.  This can bring fear and can cause people to ignore it.  Pay attention to rather or not you have strong feelings, even ones that surprise you.

Side Effects

When you have strong feelings and open your third eye, there can be different side effects.

  1. Feelings of pressure in your eyebrows can be similar to a headache.  These are there to remind you that there is a spiritual world.
  2. Seeing things in your mind is not uncommon. You might even start to dream.
  3. Colors might seem brighter and sharper and your eyes might take in more light.
  4. You might feel like you are changing and that you are having experiences to make you grow.
  5. You might experience headaches more and feel that you are experiencing more stress.


Be aware of your struggles and notice that your third eye can give you insight.  This can cause you to see things but your third eye can be blocked.  When this happens, it can cause you to be tired and to have stress and anxiety.

The third eye can be underactive or overactive and you need to be aware of the different struggles that you feel in your life.

If your third eye is overactive, you might feel trapped and always be daydreaming.


When you open your third eye, there can be dangers that come with it.


When your third eye opens, it can open your mind and cause your sleep to be disturbed.  You might have strong dreams or nightmares that can be scary, and you might feel tired and see images from your dreams staying in your mind.

Meditate before going to sleep and this can help get rid of the side effects.  Keep a dream journal so that you can remember your dreams and that you can try to figure out the messages.

Accurate Intuition

When your third eye is open, you will be able to predict things that will happen, and it might make you afraid.

You will come to the point where you will have a gut feeling and you will learn lessons from it.  Don’t push these things away and deal with the predictions and make good choices.


People that open their third eye sometimes feel that they have no fear.  They will have a sense of being invincible and they will have empowering feelings.

Make sure that you pay attention to things in your mind and see if you are being rational and logical.  Write down a pro and con list to help you know what you are feeling.

Astral Projection

When you are opening the third eye, it can cause you to leave your body and travel other places.  This happens when you are in bed at night and can be your soul rising out of your body and going to other places.

The trick is to make sure that nothing bad can happen to you and you won’t be stuck out of your body.  Try to be aware of your sense and see what is happening around you.


If your third eye becomes overactive, it can cause you to have different physical effects such as not being able to be in light or having headaches.  These signs can be unpleasant and can cause you to feel bad.

Try to balance your situation and slowly allow your third eye to guide you.


Opening your third eye can cause you to be afraid or confused.  You might get more information and not know what to do with it.  Getting this information can cause you to be able to see things around you.

Don’t challenge the future and try to take cues.  When you want to see the third eye, this can increase your intuition and can bring you a flood of information.  In some cases, you might wish things would go back to how they were.

Remember that this information is just coming from the future or from other people’s thoughts and you might not know how to interpret them.

When you view the open of the third eye and see it as a good thing, it can be less scary and can be good for you in the future.  This can be your gift.


The third eye might make you feel scared and cause your life to have chaos.  This can cause you to do things that you normally wouldn’t do and you need to figure out your third eye and how it will affect you.

Be patient and don’t expect to know how to manage things right away.  When you are waiting for this, try to restrain from doing certain things and to keep your urges and check on your behavior before you practice things.

Let those that are close to you know what you are going through and support them.

Opening the Third Eye

If you are worried about opening your third eye then you might make sure you want to so you don’t regret it.  Make sure your chakra is balanced.

Practice meditating and make sure that you can breathe slowly and focus.

Use lavender oil and put them on your wrists.

Light candles and make sure you get good sleep at night, at least eight hours.

Eat foods that are healthy like fruits and vegetables and tyr to stay away from processed and fried foods.

Reaffirm and pray each day and night and acknowledge the wisdom of the third eye.