Developing Psychic Abilities

Developing Psychic Abilities

When you go to develop your psychic abilities, it should not be like a job, but it should be fun.  There are plenty of things in our lives that cause us stress and awakening our abilities should not be one thing that causes stress.

Here are some ways to develop your gifts in a fun way:

Fun Developing

If you think about developing your gifts, you should think about doing this by being relaxed and enjoying yourself.  This should not be like preparing for a trip or doing something that causes you pain or aggravation.

When you are developing your psychic gifts, especially your clairs, you should do this with high energy and enjoy what fun you are having in the meantime.

Exercising Your Clairvoyance

You need to talk about your clairvoyance when you want to talk about increasing your gift because nothing is like increasing your psychic seeing.

There are different exercises that you can do to develop your clairvoyance and here are some ways:

Exercise 1

The first exercise to do is to use your imagination and imagine that you are in a dream home beyond your imagination.  Imagine what color the walls are and what the furniture looks like.  Is the molding fancy?  What does the office look like and what about the sofa?

Is there someone that is there visiting you?  Take a few minutes each day to imagine that you are playing out the role of your lifetime.  Make sure to include as many details as you can.

Exercise 2

Let a friend sit in front of you and draw them with paper and colored pencils.  If you cannot draw a real person, use a stick figure.

Imagine your aura and the aura of your friend and imagine what it looks like.  What color is it?  Draw the aura around your friends stick figure.

Even if you don’t have a friend with you, take a selfie, draw your pet or just draw your own aura.

Increasing your Clairaudience

If you want to increase your psychic hearing, you can do this by asking the spirit guides to help train you.  You can open up your mind to hearing things that are subtle and this can increase your psychic hearing.

Think about how life is so loud and how we think we can hear divine messages when there is so much noise going on in the background.

Use this noise to your advantage and instead of tuning out all of the noise, allow it to come in.  Ask yourself what you are hearing right now, do you hear a phone or background television noise?

Think about the different things you hear and grab a blanket and lay down under the stars.  Try to identify all the stars but then pay attention to the sounds.  What sounds do you hear?

Increasing your Clairsentience

If you want to have fun increasing your clairsentience or your senses, you can do this by being more open.  If you can feel the feelings of those around you, chances are that you are an empath and that you can do these exercises to increase your clairsentience.

Increasing your clairsentience is like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you never forget.

Exercise 1

Ask a friend to give you some different objects such as jewelry or a shirt for you to practice on.  Make sure it is something that someone has worn and not what is brand new.  Something new will not have as much energy.

Sit down in a comfortable place and rub your hands together so you have more energies.  Hold the object close to you and ask yourself how it feels and if it causes you to have any emotions?  Pay attention to what you are hearing and what you see in your minds eye.  Do you smell anything?

If you are stuck, ask yourself who owns the object and were they happy or sad?  Did they have a job?  Ask any questions that you want.

Never worry if you are right or wrong, you are just practicing increasing your sensing abilities.

Exercise 2

The second exercise needs a friend.  Get something small form your house and have someone in the family hide the object for you.

When you come back into the room, see if you can feel where the object is.  What are you feeling?  Do you feel that the object is in a high or low place or in a certain room?  Is the object under something?


Developing your psychic abilities should be fun and creative.  Remember, you will not become a master of your abilities in one night and you have to keep working to increase these abilities.  Take time to practice and to exercise different ways to increase your abilities.  Do not be stressed and have fun.