Embracing Your Psychic Powers

Embracing Your Psychic Powers

Intuition or the gut feeling comes in different ways. It can be an inner knowing that you just have, or it might even just be the common sense that you use when something happens. According to many studies, we rely on our gut instinct more than we realize when we make decisions. But sometimes people believe that their gut feeling is not reliable when making a decision.

People often have exciting times where they become creative or inspired and they seem to know what they need to do out of nowhere. This sometimes comes at the perfect moment when it is needed the most. Other people depend on the changes of the planets to make decision, and this uses the birthdates of those people, warnings of storms and harvesting codes. Older people often complain that younger people have no common sense and that they don’t know how to use their intuition to survive.

All of these things show that we have intuition. The universe has given you intuition as a gift and it can be something that some people rely on very strongly and something that others just tend to ignore. If you aren’t sure about your intuition, or it being strong enough, there are ways that you can develop this gift.

Sacred Places

Animals are ones that have a den when the time is right because they use their intuition to know when the weather is changing and that they need to be safe. When a wolf pack, for example, is worried or scared, they will go to the den, and this will help them to feel safe. They will rest until the time is right and then they will move forward.

When you make your own sacred place, you can go there, and you can be quiet for a time. This can be a place where you meditate and where you relax and be calm. This can be a peaceful place where you are not distracted.


People are full of energy and light. There are guides who are around you to protect you and guide you through life. They work hard to help you to have happiness, love, wealth, and good health.

You can meditate in order to get messages and signs from those guides. There are no rituals that you have to do, just talk to them like you do a friend.

Meditating is being quiet and talking. You are being honest at this time, and you can call on your angels or your guides to help you. Pay attention when a name stands out to you so that you can call on them. This can be the names of your guides.

Knowing Signs and Messages

Intuition will come to you like a message, and you really don’t even have to think about it. If you have a question about something you feel, write it down in a notebook so that you can figure out what it means later. Ask yourself questions and tap into your intuition.

You can talk to your guides, and you do this more than you even realize. There is always communication happening around you.

Trusting Your Intuition

You have to practice your intuition to be able to trust it. You can get messages and if they are real, you will see that they are confirmed. One this happens, you will see that you can learn to trust your feelings.

Do not ignore your intuition and if you do, note that as well. See if it causes you to be late or to miss out on good things. As you affirm your intuition, you will begin to trust it more.

Intuition Versus Mind Tricks

The mind can trick us in many ways. Whatever you ask, the answer can always be yes because we want to have things even when they aren’t good for us. This can lead us to think negatively. You have to learn to keep a positive mindset at all times.

Heart Intuition

Real intuition will come from the heart and not the brain. If you have a fearful message, this is a natural thing that the heart is trying to tell you. The natural gift that you have been given has to be tried and tested and when you have to make dark predictions, this is often fearful. You have to be careful not to operate in fear but to listen to what your intuition is telling you.

It takes time to figure out if you are just being fearful or if you are listening to your intuition. Figure out what you are feeling and why. If you feel that this is just fear, think it over and then make your actual decision.

Your intuition is there to guide you and to help you, just like a close family member or a good friend. The more you focus on it, the clearer your thoughts will be and the more you will learn to trust yourself.

Intuition is a gift that you can develop over time. Never compare your gifting to the gifting of others and know that everyone’s gift is different. Although your gift might be stronger than others, your journey is still going to be tested along the way. Pass the test and listen to what the universe is telling you.