Exercises to Develop Psychic Abilities

Exercises to Develop Psychic Abilities

Everyone has some type of psychic ability, but few work to develop it. Learning how to develop these types of abilities is actually pretty simple. The exercises that will be shared are simple, but serve as building blocks to expand the gifts you have. In fact, they can strengthen your abilities as far as receiving intuitive information. Take some time and patience to work on focusing these abilities as much as possible. These exercises will focus on three specific types of psychic abilities.


Clairsentience is the ability to receive intuitive information through feelings. Empathy is one of the most well known forms of this ability. One way to increase clairsentience is using psychometry. Psychometry is simply learning about objects through touch and learning to read their energy. This is a great way to learn. Try the following to build this skill:

  • Have someone bring a few small objects to use for practice.
  • Start with small things that can fit in your hand, especially metal items at first, like keys or jewelry, as they hold energy well. Something like a wedding ring of favorite necklace will hold more energy than other items.
  • Sit comfortably somewhere and breathe deeply for a few moments. Rub your hands together to get energy flowing and you may experience a tingle.
  • Remove the object from your hand and close your eyes as you relax and start paying attention to how your body feels. What do you feel, hear, or see? If nothing happens, ask some basic questions to whoever brought the item. Things like does this belong to a man or woman? Is the owner sad, happy, angry? Any children? Or What type of employment? Can be helpful.
  • Write out all you experience, even if the sensation seems silly. The point is to practice getting energetic impressions. Discuss these if you happen to be working with someone else.
  • When this is finished, ask the person that gave you the object for feedback on what you felt.

Hide and Seek

This is both fun and practice. Have a friend hide an object in your house that has a lot of energy attached to it. Something such as your house keys. Make sure you are outside when they do so. When you come back in, try to connect with the item and “feel” it out. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is it upstairs?
  • High or low?
  • Under or over something?
  • Which room?

As you feel the energy, imagine you are connecting with the object so you can find it.


To build clairvoyance, the focus should be on visualization. This is pretty straightforward an can strengthen this ability. This starts with a simple tray full of items.

  • Have a friend place five items on a try, it is helpful if these are things you have not normally seen. Each item should be different. Do not peek at the tray.
  • When things are set up, study the objects for only ten seconds an have the tray removed from your sight.
  • In your mind, picture where each object was on the tray and what it looked like. Visualizing in your mind is key to this exercise. Write down each object you can see in your mind’s eye with as much detail as you can recall. As this skill builds, challenge yourself to more objects in the same time or cut own the time on five objects.

If you are working alone, try it with playing cards that you turn over, study, then cover. You may also enjoy clairvoyance meditation as a way to build up and open your third eye.


The best way to build clairaudience is to listen. As you go about your day, pay close attention to individual sounds. It really is that simple. With lives that are extremely busy, we tune out whatever we are not focused on in that moment. Switch things up and soak in the sounds instead of tuning out. This can be one almost anytime, like when waiting to pick up kids from school. Use the time to practice hearing and identifying each sound. Do you hear birds? Cars? Singing? The same can be done in lots of settings.

Practicing and developing psychic abilities can be stress free and fun. Do not try to master everything, be patient. Play around with each game and see what you connect to the best.


  1. The exercises mentioned for developing psychic abilities seem quite practical and easy to implement. Psychometry, in particular, is an interesting method for enhancing clairsentience. I’ll definitely be trying these out.

  2. Clairaudience practice sounds like a good way to become more aware of one’s surroundings. Taking time to focus on sounds instead of tuning them out can be a useful mindfulness exercise as well.

  3. The idea of using common objects and visualization to build clairvoyance is fascinating. It seems like a very approachable way to start enhancing one’s intuitive capabilities. Consistency and patience appear to be key factors here.

  4. It’s interesting to see how different types of psychic abilities can be developed with straightforward exercises. The emphasis on practice, patience, and keeping a relaxed mindset is essential for making real progress.

  5. The hide and seek game for clairsentience development seems like a fun and interactive way to practice connecting with energy. This could be a great exercise to do with friends or family.


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