Finding Out if You’re a Psychic

Finding Out if You’re a Psychic

Do you ever wonder if you are a psychic or if you have psychic gifts? Have you ever said something was going to happen and then it did? Do you have feelings about what someone is thinking or about what someone is feeling before they even tell you? All of these are psychic abilities.

Sometimes though, people think that a psychic is someone that practices black magic and that isn’t always true. Many people have some kind of psychic power even if it is just having strong intuition. Other people have psychic gifts and ignore them.

Here are some signs that you might be psychic:

  1. Strong Intuition

Do you have strong intuition and you can use your gut feeling to keep you safe? Do you feel danger before it ever comes to you? Having strong intuition can be a gift for you.

  • Déjà vu

Do you ever feel that you have been to a certain place before and you don’t recall ever being there? This is a form of déjà vu, and this happens to people that are psychic.

  • Visions

Many people have visions and then the visions actually happens. This is part of the psychic gifts and if you have this happen, you are a psychic.

  • Gut Feelings

You might be someone that has a gut feeling, and you are normally right. This is a strong psychic gift.

  • Telepathy

Have you ever felt like you could read someone’s mind? If so, you are connected to that person in the spiritual world. This is a big sign that you might be a psychic.

  • Making Predictions

Do you ever write things down and then later on you see them happen? This is the ability to make predictions, and this can mean that you have a psychic gifting.

  • Strong Dreams

Many psychics are able to have strong and vivid dreams. These dreams allow them to be able to know things and to even tell the future. Some people that have this gift will have the same dreams over and over again so that they can get a message.

  • Psychometry

Psychometry is a gift of being able to touch a person or an object and know where that thing or person has been. This can happen when you experience a feeling while you are holding on to something. This can tell you about events or about the past of something or someone.

  • Sensing Things

A person that has a psychic gift is able to sense things. They know things without ever being given any kind of information. This can help people to tell if there is trouble lurking around.

  • Clairaudient

Another psychic gift is being clairaudient. This means that you are able to hear into the spiritual world. This can be hearing voices, messages or getting warnings in your spiritual ear. This doesn’t normally come to your physical ear, but you hear it in your mind.

  • Healing Abilities

Some people are psychics, and they are able to heal people that are sick. They can take the negative energy and replace it with positive, healing energy.

Final Thoughts

Having a psychic gift is something that many people are seeking in their life. Find out if you have your own psychic gift and what this means for you. You can use this gift to find out mysterious and to understand the world around you.

Embrace the gifts that the universe has given you and know that they are there to help you to have a better and more fulfilled life.