Finding Your Inner Psychic and Embracing It

Finding Your Inner Psychic and Embracing It

Trusting your intuition and developing it is important if you want to increase your psychic giftings.

Everyone is born with some kind of psychic power and if you want to see it get stronger, you can develop this gifting.

Learn to quiet your mind and make better decisions in your life. Your intuition will help you and guide you.

  • Use your clair giftings
    • Clairvoyant-clear seeing
    • Clairaudience-clear hearing
    • Clairgustance-clear smelling
  • Learn how to raise your vibrational frequency. You can do this by doing readings or by meditating.
  • Remember that if you have low vibrations that you will not be able to channel spirits.
  • Keep your chakras balanced. There are seven main chakras in the body and each of them has to do with different organs and different parts of the body.
  • Always connect with your intuition. Make sure you trust yourself and what your intuition tells you.
  • Learn the difference between ascended masters and spirit guides.
  • Figure out how to communicate with your loved ones that have passed away.
  • Your intuition is your gut feeling and if you learn to listen to it, it will guide you and help you to make wise decisions.
  • Let your soul grow and evolve.

Your spirit guides can come and help you to find your psychic giftings. If you ask them for guidance, they will show you how you can get stronger in your spirit.

Everyone has different giftings and it is important that you embrace the gifts that you have, and you are thankful for all of your gifts.

Thank your spirit guides for guiding you and leading you and thank the universe that you are able to hear what advice it has to give you and what it has to offer you.

There are ways that you can increase your giftings such as meditation, yoga, reiki, and other psychic things.

Your spiritual being will get stronger as your gifts get stronger. This is a way that you can learn to grow and to be better than ever before.


Everyone is born with some kind of psychic giftings. If you are curious about what gifts you have, you can look at what you are experiencing and find out what gift you are strong in.

Each gift is different, and you can develop these giftings over time and you can work hard to make sure that you are reaching your higher self.


  1. A well-written piece that encourages self-exploration and growth through spiritual means. The list of methods to increase one’s vibrations, such as meditation and reiki, is practical and provides actionable steps for readers.

  2. This article offers a comprehensive guide on developing psychic abilities and spiritual growth. The emphasis on gratitude and connecting with spirit guides adds a positive dimension to the journey of self-improvement.

  3. The idea that everyone has innate psychic abilities is intriguing. It poses a fascinating area for personal development and self-discovery. I appreciate the emphasis on meditation and maintaining balanced chakras to enhance these abilities.

  4. The holistic approach to enhancing psychic giftings through methods like yoga and chakra balancing is intriguing. It underscores the importance of aligning both mind and body to achieve spiritual growth and better decision-making.

  5. The article presents a compelling case for trusting one’s intuition. The notion of different ‘clair’ abilities is particularly interesting. I am curious about how these concepts align with various spiritual and scientific perspectives.


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