Grounding Yourself

Grounding Yourself

Grounding is a way that we can learn to balance our chakras, our bodies, and a spirits. We can do this by connecting with the energy of the earth.

It is great to know how to ground yourself because it can make you feel that your life is smoother, happier and that you are mindful about what is going on around you.

Anyone and everyone should ground themselves and it is important that if you do psychic work such as mediumship, psychic readings, energy work or more, that you are grounded.

When you begin to develop your psychic gifts, there might not be anyone to teach you how important it is to keep yourself grounded. You might wonder why you are so upset or frustrated.

There are different kinds of energy work and when you do spiritual work, it can leave you feeling:

  • Dizzy
  • Tired
  • Confused
  • Shaky
  • Floaty
  • Lightheaded
  • Disconnected
  • Funky

These are feelings that happen when you pick up energy from other people and things around you. When you learn to ground yourself, you get your body back in touch with the universe and with your spiritual being.

Grounding Yourself

There are many things that you can do to ground yourself and here are a few ideas:


Do something physical such as go for a walk or exercise. This is a good way to ground yourself. You can try things such as yoga and it can help you to relax your body and mind.


Clean something or do something that gets you moving. Figure out what space needs to be clean and allow yourself time to think and relax.


Having sex can help to calm you and keep you in the present. Also, it is a great pain reliever.


Take time to relax and watch television. Eat some popcorn and check out for a while. This will leave you feeling refreshed.

Call Someone

Call your friend or your family and gossip about something. This can be fun and can keep you grounded.


Take time to soak your body or your feet. Do this with warm water. It will make you feel fresh and clean.


Do something that will make you feel good about yourself such as get a manicure or pedicure. Doing something to focus on you can keep you grounded.


Find something you like to eat, and this can open up your energy levels. Find something healthy that can ground you.

Root Veggies

Eating vegetables that are root vegetables can help you to feel connected to the earth. Plus, they have benefits and are yummy.


Eat some chocolate to feel better about yourself. Eating raw chocolate is delicious and healthy for you. Eating healthy has many benefits and can keep you grounded.

You can also go for some dark chocolate which is also very healthy.


Go outside in nature and take your shoes off. Let your feet go in the grass and feel the earth. Walk around and connect with the world.

The warm sun can help to ground you along with the grass and the trees.


Go outside and stay. Take a picnic lunch or just soak up some rays. Put a chair on the lawn and relax or read a book.

Hug a Tree

Hugging a tree can help you connect with nature. Allow yourself to connect with the earth.


Take time to plant some root vegetables and other healthy food. Once you do this, go barefoot in your garden.

Salt Bath

Just like soaking your feet, soak your body. Put Epsom salt in the tub and relax. This can give you energy and get rid of the negative energies around you.

You can also use Himalayan salt and put some in the warm water. Relax for like half an hour.


Meditating is one of the fastest ways to connect with the spiritual world. Sit in a comfortable room with a comfortable chair and concentrate on speaking to the spirit world.

Imagine that roots are going from your feet to your head and breathe in and out. You can also go and do guided meditating of you feel like you cannot do it on your own.


Get some crystals and meditate with these. This can help to ground you and you can hold them in your head, wear them on your body and put them under your pillow.

Grounding Stones

Some great grounding stones are Black Kyanite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite and Red Jasper

Essential Oils

Using essential oils can help to ground you and relax you. Add them to your bath or use a diffuser.

Sing and Dance

You can use music to help ground yourself. Singing and dancing can help to get you moving and relax you and make you happy. Do this to ground yourself.


It is important that you learn to ground yourself so that you can be healthy and strong. You can do this by dancing, running, using a diffuser, adding essential oils to your bath, taking a salt bath, meditating, and eating.

There are many different ways you can ground yourself. Figure out which ways are the best for you and go with them.


  1. The article provides a variety of grounding techniques that can be easily implemented in daily life. The inclusion of both physical and spiritual methods makes it comprehensive.

  2. While the article emphasizes the importance of grounding for people involved in psychic work, the methods listed can be beneficial to anyone feeling disconnected.

  3. The article covers a wide range of grounding techniques, from physical activities to dietary suggestions. It’s helpful to see so many different options.

  4. Interesting read. The inclusion of both scientific and more esoteric methods of grounding could appeal to a broad audience.

  5. Grounding seems to offer benefits beyond just spiritual well-being. The suggestions are practical and could potentially improve mental and physical health as well.


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