Honing Your Psychic Skills


        I can still remember doing art work when I was in grade school. We had those easels that had light brown tinted paper clipped to them and runny but bright Tempra paints. On a good day I could paint the outline of a house and stick figure people. But there was always a girl who drew horses or unicorns with pencil.

I was amazed and intimidated by their talent. You could see, blowing in the wind, every hair of the animal. The muscles rippled under the skin. Of course, they weren’t very good at drawing anything else, but wow, could they draw a horse!

I don’t know if any of those girls are still drawing. If they’re not, if they haven’t received some training, their skills will have either remained about the same or faded from lack of use. On the other hand, I’ve seen people with no innate artistic talent (like me) take art training and become quite good with their skills.

To sum up, some people have natural artistic skills, but will either lose them or not go any farther if they don’t practice and get training. Other people may not have natural skills, but with training and practice they can become excellent artists.

The same is true with psychic abilities.

Some people have natural skills, but if they don’t practice they won’t get any better. Other people may think they have inherent ability, but with practice they can become powerful psychics. The bottom line is this: if you practice you can develop or improve your psychic abilities.

Practice Can Be Fun!

I remember my mother watching me practice piano every day. Ugh! I hated doing those stupid exercises. I dreaded going to the private home of my piano teacher, Mrs. Marshall.

But practice doesn’t have to be that way. It can be easy and fun. You can practice developing psychic abilities all through the day. Here are some easy practices you can try out. With all of them, at the beginning, you might not do too well. With practice, you’ll become a psychic whiz!

1. Telephone Guessing

Before answering the phone, guess who’s calling. Keep track of your hits and misses. Within a few weeks to a month, your percentage of successes will improve.

2. Energy Visualization

Just as your car needs fuel to run, you need psychic “fuel” to increase your psychic abilities. Simply visualize or imagine a ball of golden light at the base of your spine. With each breath, allow the ball to move up your spine until it reaches the top of your head. If there’s any resistance, just let it fade out where it is and try to move it higher the next day.

3. Fingertip Reading

Do you have a book or magazine? Open it, upside down, to any page. Place the fingers of either hand somewhere on one of the open pages. Now, imagine what is under your fingers. Is it a word? An image? Go with your first impression. If you’re thinking, “I’m just guessing,” please understand that guessing is a great way to start increasing your psychic abilities.

4. Time Guessing

This is actually easier than most people think. What you’re doing is linking your inner clock to an outer clock. This opens up more psychic abilities. The next time you wonder what time it is, guess! Then compare that guess to the actual time. Most people improve their accuracy in a couple of weeks.

5. Penny for Your Thoughts

The next time you see someone deeply in thought, guess (to yourself) what he or she is thinking about. Then ask them what they’re thinking. This may be more challenging, so look for symbols and not exact accuracy. If you guess “a house” and the person tells you that they’re thinking about a relative in their home, consider it a “hit.”

6. Dream Interpretation

Without consulting books, try to interpret your dreams. Remember, they’re usually more symbolic than something actual.

7. Dream Programming

Have a problem or need some guidance? As you’re drifting to sleep, ask for advice. Keep your comment as simple as possible. See if you get an answer in your dreams.

8. Board Game Fun

If you play board games with dice or if you play Bingo, guess what the next number coming up will be.

Over time, you’ll become more and more accurate and empowered. Perhaps you can even end up a professional psychic!