How to Tell If You’re Psychic

How to Tell If You're Psychic

Many people feel like they may be a little different from others. They may get a vibe when they are around certain people or have a strong urge about something. But how do you know if you are really psychic or just intuitive? Or just a little eccentric?

There are ways to find out if you have more psychic abilities than the average person but first, you must understand some things about these types of abilities.

The key thing to understand is that everyone is born with a certain amount of intuition or psychic ability. Everyone has that “gut feeling” about things. The difference in people is how much they use and trust it. Some don’t use their intuition or psychic ability at all while others practice with it to hone the skill. That brings us to the next point.

Psychic abilities are just a deepening connection with intuition. The more you use your intuition and practice different aspects of psychic abilities, the better they will become. It really is just like anything else. You may have a slight gift for music but working hard at it makes you more masterful. Others may have an enormous, natural gift for music but never put any effort into it so they never develop it. Practice develops it.

Ways to Know If You Have Psychic Abilities

At least four ways exist that you can determine if you have clairvoyant or psychic abilities.

  • Your Palm

You can know immediately if you have a psychic gift by looking at your hand. Take your dominant hand and look at it palm up in natural light. The heart line moves from the top inside of your hand toward the outside, across your hand.

The next dominant line is the head line. It moves in the opposite direction across your hand, from the middle section between your pointer finger and your thumb to the inside.

Going up and down from your wrist to your middle finger are the Line of Apollo and the line of Saturn. If these two lines cross both your head and your heart lines, it forms a square or what is called a Mystic Cross. Having this cross on your hand indicates you have some type of clairvoyant or psychic ability.

  • Dreams and Visions

Everyone dreams and most people don’t remember their dreams. All dreams are not psychic dreams either. However, you could be psychic if you are one of those people who typically remember your dreams and whose dreams seem to have some deeper meaning. It’s particularly significant if your dreams appear to have some meaning to what happens over the next few days.

I had a dream in high school about an opportunity I was going to have that would set the course for my life. The next day, I was telling my best friend about it and suddenly our teacher speaks to the class. She talked of the very opportunity I had just dreamed about! She hadn’t spoken of it before as it was just decided by the faculty. I started paying attention to my dreams after that.

Visions are a little different because you have them while you’re awake. They come differently from people. Some are merely images that have symbolic meaning while others are detailed events. However, they are incredibly real when you see them.

A vision is almost like you’re watching a movie play out. At first, it concerns you and they can make you nervous until you do something about them such as issue a warning or other instruction. The first time that happened to me made me highly agitated until I did what I felt God wanted me to do with the information.

  • Inner Voice

It’s hard to talk about inner voices because so much has been made about them being part of a mental illness. However, those who have mental illness hear voices outside of their body. Those with psychic abilities hear a voice within their head, the heart, or the soul. Sometimes, it’s just a deep feeling, that “gut feeling.”

An inner voice may tell you to call someone, check on a relative, or go with a certain decision. It may also warn you not to trust someone or take a certain route home. You may suddenly feel the urge to ask someone to walk with you to your car. Don’t ignore these feelings. They are there for your protection.

  • Relatives Have Abilities

Clairvoyant and psychic abilities are passed down. That’s not to say everyone can use what they have but, like many other talents and gifts, these stronger abilities are usually included in multi-generations. Do either of your parents or grandparents have them?

Does a grandmother ever call you to warn you about something? Does your grandfather tell you about a dream he had? These are all indications you may have inherited some of the same skill set.

How to Handle Psychic Abilities

Those who have psychic abilities, even if they haven’t discovered them yet, often feel they are normal. They feel different from other people and have trouble with casual conversation. They tend to think deeply and analyze situations.

The other problem with those with these abilities is they get information overload without ever intending it. They could approach a group intending to just hang out and, suddenly, they’re getting information, visions, and messages about the people they’re with. That can be overwhelming and emotionally exhausting.

This can make them guarded and somewhat withdrawn. It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to tell others about these abilities while you still use them. There are ways to tone down the information download too. Decide upfront when you are going to “turn off” your abilities to just enjoy the moment. You can do that.

Meditation also helps as you decompress from all the input you get throughout the day. Once you learn to manage your abilities and channel them for positive good, you will be able to appreciate them being a part of your being.