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psychic ability 3When I give private readings, people usually ask me: “Am I psychic?” and “How can I develop my intuitive abilities?”. These days these inquiries have turned out to be verging on standard. With expanded enthusiasm for our otherworldly prosperity, we’ve turned out to be less dreadful of what lies ahead, particularly when we understand that our convictions in a higher force and the capacity to perceive forthcoming occasions are our immediate pipelines to the Divine

Spirituality and psychic abilities have absolutely nothing to do with the dark side, curses, control, or occultism. Instead, when we exercise our spirituality and psychic abilities, we are flexing a muscle that has always resided in every one of us.

The more you become connected to your spirituality—your God and Christ-center, the more your crown chakra opens, or what’s often referred to as your third eye.

I am descended from literally generations of what might be called genetic psychics; in addition, I’ve extensively researched not only my own ability, but that of hundreds of others in the general population. I’ve given thousands of classes and lectures on how to increase your God-given awareness and have had great results. It always amazes and amuses me how complicated it has been made out to be—somewhat like the idea that religion is so far above most people that only a select few could ever hope to reach a pinnacle. However, I’m not suggesting that everyone will become a professional psychic and give readings to countless strangers—only that everyone has natural psychic abilities. I use the analogy that everyone can be taught to play the piano, but not everyone is a concert pianist.

Let the messages in. Every day we get messages; every day we get feelings. But we can be so busy with daily living that we can’t seem to find a few minutes in which to calm our minds. We audit everything else, but not our unstructured feeling about people, places, and things. This doesn’t take a great deal of effort, but it does require that we let our prior programming go and put our egos aside. Simply and literally we must let go and let God.

Release any negativity around you. When you’re first setting out on the journey to increase your spiritual connection, it’s always good to surround yourself with positive energy. I like to surround myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit. Even if you choose to go no further than taking this step, it’s still a wise action to take since it helps clear negativity in your own mind and that of anyone you come in contact with. It also protects you without creating any blockages.

Follow your first impression. How many times have you heard an alarm go off in your head about someone or something but disregarded it due to those preconceived beliefs we are all inundated with—only to find out that your feeling was perfectly accurate? When you have an intuitive feeling that something isn’t right, that’s being psychic. When you have hunches that you should avoid a trip, foster a friendship, and take a different way to work, you’re also tapping in to your psychic abilities. Oftentimes, we realize only too late that our first impression was right, but we didn’t listen. Go with your gut-level instincts, the ones that come to you like a flash through to an emotion. These first impressions are intuitive messages and following them is imperative if you want to become more psychic.

Keep your motives pure. Let me say here that if you embark on this journey toward intuitive power, you mustn’t expect to be truly psychic about yourself. You won’t win the lottery or obtain anything similar. Of course, you will develop great instincts about yourself, but this gift is truly like no other in that it goes out from you, but it is not for you. If the former were the case, every psychic would have a perfect life—not so. Physicians can’t operate on themselves and psychics can’t read themselves. I know in my heart that there is a contract between each of us and God, which reads something like this: “You will have to learn and go through hardships, but if you take care of my people in an unselfish way with pure motives, then I will take care of you.” You will find that, although you may fall off a cliff, your angels will keep you from falling with a thud.

psychic ability 1Practice on friends of friends. To do readings, begin with someone you know only slightly. If you attempt to read for people who are close to you, your emotions may get in the way. We have a tendency to read what we wish, rather than what stands out in someone else’s life as truth. Everyone comes into this life with a chart, or a plan made before this life began. I always think of psychics as being nearsighted in the sense that they can see the upcoming events in a person’s life, while that person is farsighted and can only see the ultimate goals of their current lifetime. Psychics are simple objective reporters; we do not edit what is between someone else and God.

Ask questions. Whether it’s about finances, health, relationships, family, or friends—ask, ask, ask the questions in your own mind, and the answers will come. The problem is: You have to trust yourself and your contract with God to speak truth, goodness, and (if necessary) warning.

Be quiet and listen for the answers. When you begin reading someone, ask yourself in your own mind: How is their health? Then be quiet and listen and jot down the first answer that comes to you. Say it aloud before you have time to think. Take your first impression, no matter how absurd it may seem. Just keep imagining yourself as a tube from God—impartial, truthful, and with the sole motive to impart not only information, but also solace and warnings.

Don’t be afraid to be wrong. Keep your intellect and your ego at bay. So many times I’ve gotten a “no,” only to hear three months or a year later that I was right. Even if you make a prediction about someone’s health and their stomach isn’t upset with stress now, you may be picking up a warning of what’s to come.


Let’s put all of these steps together and begin to test the waters by practicing to give a reading. Begin by asking yourself in your own mind how their health is; then be quiet and listen. Take your first impression. Never diagnose—that’s a doctor’s domain. But let’s say you get “kidney.” Ask, “left or right?” One will feel better, so you can say, “I feel that there is an obstruction in your right side in the back, in the kidney area.” The person may agree or disagree. Don’t be discouraged if they disagree; suggest they have it checked out anyway. It certainly can’t hurt.

Next, consider finances: Ask yourself how the individual is doing in this area, and again, take your first impression—poor, fair, or excellent. Tell them what you feel, then go further and consider their long-term picture. Wait for the answer. Now move on, and ask yourself, “Where do they work?” You may not know the title, but once again, give your first impression. Maybe you see them in a small cubicle working on a computer; share this picture. The longer you hesitate, the more you will be afraid to be wrong. The more your intellectual side gets involved, the more you’ll discredit yourself.

From that point go into their personal life; ask yourself if there’s anyone around. If you get a “yes,” ask to begin to describe the individual: tall, short, dark, light, any definite features. Are they already in the person’s life, or are they coming soon? One will feel more right.

Continue with social life, family, and so on. You don’t have to stick with any particular order, but it’s easier when your mind gets used to a sequence. Always be aware that you must not control; you are only there to help, and are not a psychologist or a doctor. You are a conduit from God to that person. Don’t use Ouija boards—you don’t really need pendulums, cards, or crystals, rely on yourself and God. For myself, I use only white light. I also light a white candle—not because the candle has power, but because engaging in this action signals that I’m ready now. I ask God to keep my channel clear, and then I truly let go and let God. The faster you ask and answer, the stronger your dormant psychic muscle becomes.

psychic ability 2Doing readings is easier than you imagine. If you can overcome the fear of being wrong and do it for the right reasons, it will come. Don’t expect it to flood in at first, but persevere—like any exercise, perseverance makes it stronger. It also helps you become closer to God and the Christ Consciousness. Try it and you will be pleasantly surprised; even though the person you are reading may negate your impressions, you may be proven right in the end. I have sometimes seen farther into the future than they can imagine. Many times I’ve heard, “Sylvia, I thought that what you were saying was crazy, but sure enough, life turned in such a way that you proved to be right!” I’ve learned to say, “Give it time. You may be surprised—life changes on a dime.”

Be ethical! Whatever happens between you and a client should stay right between you two and God, and no one else. Never discuss your readings, and never disclose whom you have read for. Some so-called psychics publish their celebrity list—this is immoral and unethical, and benefits the ego of the so-called psychic. It’s not easy. At times, it’s very hard, because we are all only human. But if you remain aware that you choose this from God, it is a little easier. Without faith and an inner knowing, it just doesn’t work. Be serious, spiritual, and caring; give advice, and even have a good time, but always know that you are only a pipeline by which knowledge comes through.

As you continue to practice these skills, you’ll find that it’s easier than you ever imagined, and you’ll discover that the closer you come to your spirituality and God, the clearer it all becomes.


  1. I find the advice to practice on friends of friends particularly practical. Emotions can indeed cloud judgment, and starting with less familiar subjects might yield more objective insights.

  2. The comparison of psychic development to learning to play the piano is quite apt. It underscores the notion that while everyone can cultivate these abilities to some extent, mastery varies among individuals.

  3. The step-by-step guide provided is helpful for beginners. The caution against diagnosing health issues is crucial, as it delineates the boundaries between psychic intuition and medical expertise.

  4. The article provides a comprehensive guide on developing intuitive abilities, emphasizing the spiritual connection. The idea that everyone has natural psychic potential aligns with the concept of inherent human capability.

  5. The emphasis on maintaining pure motives and trusting in a higher power is fundamental for ethical psychic practice. It’s a reminder that these abilities should be used selflessly.


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