Increasing Your Intuitive Powers

Increasing Your Intuitive Powers

We are all born with intuition. Intuition is a gut feeling that you get before you make any kind of decision or when you are about to make a good or bad decision.

We are all born with intuition and many people call it your “sixth sense” or the inner voice. This is a helpful thing to have when you need to make decisions in your life.

There are only some people who have developed their gift of intuition and they have learned how to really embrace it and use it for their good and the good of others.

Steps to Hearing Your Intuition

Here are some steps that you can use to develop and hear your intuition:

Alone Time

Take time each day to be alone and to listen to yourself. Ask yourself questions that you want to know and take time to hear the answers. Listen to what your thoughts are saying to you.

You can take this time to meditate or to write down things that you hear or feel. You need to do these things in quiet and aloneness so that you are not distracted.

In order to increase your intuitive abilities, you need to learn to listen to what your inner voice is telling you. When you have a good idea or thought, it will be louder than normal so that it can overcome the other voices around you.

Feel Others

One important thing about having intuition is to be able to know what others are thinking or feeling. It is so natural to some people that you probably already do this and just do not realize it.

An example of this is your family or friend. If they are feeling sad or bad, chances are you will know this right away. Maybe even in a crowd you pick up on the stresses of people around you.

The feelings that you get of others comes with having intuition. This means you are sympathetic and compassionate to the people around you. Try to understand what others are feeling and why.

When you choose to do this, you are building your intuition and getting stronger in your life.


Everyone has vibes and you need to focus on what your vibes are. Maybe you are feeling positive or maybe it is one of those days where you feel negative inside. Listen to what your intuition is telling you and let it guide you.

Know when your intuition is telling you something.


One way to develop and make your intuition stronger is to wonder about things. Say to yourself, “I wonder if…” and let your intuition finish your sentence for you. This can help you to practice seeing things before they happen.  You can do this with things such as:

  • Who is going to call next?
  • What color the car will be that you see next?
  • What will be on sale at the store?

There are so many things you can do to develop your gifting, and this is one way to practice.


Your intuition can guide you in your finances as well as the other aspects of your life. People that are successful often listen to their intuition to guide them.

People that are rich use their intuition to help them open up new businesses and to have new venture ideas.

Some people do not have a clear idea on what they want in life and they depend on trying new things and making mistakes to figure it out. Your intuition is already there to guide you and that will help you to not make painful mistakes in your money and your time.

Let your intuition guide you in all things and you can use this to bring abundance and happiness to your life.

Always be thankful for what your intuition shows you and learn to let it guide you in all things.