Increasing Your Psychic Abilities

Increasing Your Psychic Abilities

If you ever question if your psychic abilities are real, you might doubt that you have intuition.  The truth is, chances are that you know that you do have psychic abilities, even if you bury this thought deep down.


When you choose to not recognize that you have psychic abilities, this can cause you not to be able to use your gift the fullest.  Knowing that you have these gifts can be hard for you to accept, especially if you are skeptical of many things.  Sometimes, not knowing that you have and have been using your intuition might be holding you back so by figuring out that you are having psychic interactions can encourage you to look more upon your gifts.

When you recognize that you have psychic flashes and gifts, you need to develop them, but how?  Look and see what is happening in you and see if you experience things that you cannot explain or if you feel differently and question what just happened.  Doing this is the beginning to accepting your psychic gifts.

Clairsentience and Clairempathy

Almost everyone has some type of psychic gift, even if they are unaware of it.  You have a gut feeling that is part of your intuition and you can use your clairsentience which means that you feel something clearly without proof.

Clairempathy is a form of feeling where you know someone is around and that they are feeling certain things.  When you look at your life, pay attention to a time when someone walked into the room you were in and you felt that energy and wanted to leave.  This had nothing to do with who was there, but with your psychic gift of knowing the energies in the room without a real reason.


If you think you are psychic and you are beginning to believe in these gifts, you need to learn to practice.  Put earbuds in and wear sunglasses and go to your home, the mall or an office and think and listen and let your senses take over.  Go on a taxi and have the driver take you to three different areas.

When you get there, let your friends lead you to the middle of the area and take in all of the energies that you feel.  Notice if you are relaxed or nervous.  Did you get excited or feel upset?  Did you like how the energy around you felt?  Did you notice your body do anything different than you are used to?

After you have asked yourself all of these questions, tune in and tell your friends how you feel.  Take out your earbuds and take off your blindfold and see if you know where you are at and know what you are feeling.  Did you feel this way when you got there or were you surprised?  How did the energy make you feel?  Did you enjoy trying that?

This is a way that you can tune into your clairsentience and clairempathy and learn more about your gifts.


Clairempathy is something that you can use when you are around people.  This helps you to figure out if they are feeling bad in their body or emotionally.  You can scan their body and know if there is something that should be noticed or if you are alerted to something.  Sometimes, you will even feel physical pain that they are having in their body.  You can do this and ask them what they are feeling.

Find out how the issues people have affected them can help you to increase your psychic gifts and help you to grow stronger in what you know.  Never take on too much energy and always be ready to protect yourself from any harm.


Just like other gifts, each of your psychic gifts need to be practiced.  Once you relax, imagine that you are in a bubble and that you are filling the bubble up with positive energies.  Let the negative energies out by exhaling.  Keep the bubble around you to protect you.

Get a friend to sit with you and ask them to write down 3 things they are feeling such as a disorder or an emotion.  Make sure one is true about them and then imagine the person.  Look at the list that is written down and talk to yourself with your eyes closed.  Notice if anything changes around you and if you feel any different.  Sense if you have any pain.

After you have done this, say what you are feeling and see if you were able to tell what your friends were feeling.  Did it match up with their real problems?  Did you feel what they were feeling?  Clear your mind and release the bubble by breathing out and letting the negative energies leave.


Each day what you see uses your clairvoyance.  You may not realize that you are using it because you are so busy trying to get everything done in your day.  You hardly ever take time to sit and think about how your day went and what you experienced.  Sometimes you have abilities that you don’t even realize because you have never taken time to figure it out.


Clairaudience is when you are able to hear things in your mind.  Maybe you hear a song or whispers.  You might be listening to things but not know where they are coming from.  Maybe you hear things in background noises, and you try to focus on what is going on.  If you think of someone, maybe a song that is related to them in some way comes to your mind.  All of this relates to psychic hearing.  This is one of your psychic abilities.

Separating Them

When you have multiple psychic gifts, you can allow them to work together to bring a stronger connection to your life.  All of the abilities can work together and when you realize you have them and how each one works in your life; you can use them together as one.  They can work together to help you understand things and get things completed easier.  By doing specific tasks, you can tune your intuition in, and you might get more information by focusing on one gift, but you don’t have to turn the other ones off.

If you are at reading, you might feel that you need to use just intuition to understand what is going on.  When you are out and about, clairaudience might take over so you can hear certain sounds without being distracted.  You can use one gift at a time or put them together to work as a whole.


Once again, you can close your eyes and pretend to be in a bubble to keep you safe and protected.  Make the negative energies go away by exhaling and inhale the positive energies.  Imagine that you are doing this until you are calm and full of peace.

Think of something you want to know about the future about a family member or a relationship.  Imagine what you have thought of.  Choose how you want to figure out if it is true and write it down.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you see?
  • Do you see any people?
  • What do they look like?
  • What color eyes and hair do they have?
  • What are they wearing?
  • Do they have a name?
  • Are they talking?
  • Do you hear other sounds?
  • How do they feel?
  • Are they cold or warm?
  • Are they happy or sad?

Notice anything else that you can pick up on such as taste, smell or just knowing things.  Write these things down and exercise your gifts.

Put your psychic ideas together and see if you were able to use each of your gifts.  Were you comfortable and did you get information by using them all?  What did you figure out?

Now that you know what kind of gifts you may have and how to use them, practice and see if you are able to make your gifts come alive in your personal life.