Intuition and Psychic Development

Intuition and Psychic Development

Each and every person has some type of psychic ability.  These gifts can be spiritual healing and every person on Earth is given a gift from the universe.  These abilities are inside each of us and our psychic gifts and out intuition can happen through practicing spiritual development such as meditation, yog, mantra and breathing.

There are some techniques that are helpful when developing your gifts while others are toward some other goal, but the result is that you can increase your spiritual gift.  If you practice yoga or meditation for a long period of time, you will become more enlightened and there will be nothing that will stop you.  You will develop your body and your psychic gifts.

Everyone can develop these gifts, and this might be part of the persons destiny.  This can be important to help them learn more skills and not every skill can be increased to the psychic element, but all skills can become better.

Good Nor Bad

Psychic abilities are not good or bad but how they are used can change if they are good or bad.  If a psychic looks at a patient and helps to heal them spiritually then they can use their gifts to be able to see what part of the aura needs healing.  They can tune into that person’s energy in order to heal them.  If the psychic abilities become better because of greed or to hurt someone else, this is using the gift wrongly.


It is not possible to get enlightenment without developing the psychic gifts first.  When a psychic has special gifts, they should not reject their gifts but want to make them stronger.  When they do this, they can reach enlightenment and that is the goal of yoga.

Intuition and Psychic Gift Development

Intuition is used differently by different people.  Some will hear a divine voice and will use it to manifest their abilities while others use their psychic powers in situations that are not needed.

Intuition is a valuable gift because it helps to recognize the truth of the spirit being.  Intuition is not controlled by what we do but it is part of hearing and part of filling our minds without listening to the natural world.  Once you can recognize your intuition, it will help to grow stronger.  Some people mistake the intuition with other voice, and they do not know how to listen.

Developing Intuition

When you listen to your intuition or gut feeling, you will begin to hear it more and more.  When you are full of truth and dedicate your time to this gift, you will see that you will learn to recognize it easily.

Having pure motives will help to increase these gifts and the knowledge that is associated with these gifts.  You need to find this gift and recognize it so that it can follow the law of Divine Law.

Practicing spiritual wellbeing and other things mentioned above can help to develop all of your psychic gifts including intuition.

Take time to recognize your gifts and to know what the spirits are saying to you.  Do not always take the words of others but know how and when to recognize what your intuition or your gut is telling you.  By increasing these gifts, you can learn to increase your natural psychic abilities that are inside of you.