Is there such thing as a Psychic Diet?


Are you curious if there is a special psychic diet that can help to increase your intuitive abilities or if you are working as a medium or psychic?  Yes there is! Some experts believe that there is and that you should follow it.

If you search he words ‘psychic diet’ online, you will see a lot of articles that talk about chakras, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and how they relate to intuition.

To be honest, all of that makes my head spin.  Let’s just break this down logically, shall we?


What is a Psychic Diet?

A psychic diet is said to be one that includes a lot of high-vibration, nutritious, “live” foods, such as vegetables and fruits.  Some feel that this enhances psychic ability.

It’s important for intuitives (especially mediums) to vibrate at a high frequency in order to sense the subtle energies of Spirit.

A psychic diet can look something like this:

  • Has a low meat intake – some even recommend
    refraining from all animal products, including dairy and eggs (more on that in a minute)
  • Is high in vegetables and fruit – especially when they are as close to their original raw form as possible, such as salads and lightly steamed veggies
  • Contains very little processed food
  • Contains zero to little “junk food” (i.e. foods with no nutritional value)
  • Is free of alcohol
  • Intakes plenty of water, and may or may not eliminate caffeine

Should You Give Up Meat?


Some argue that a psychic diet should be meat free because this enhances your senses.  I would argue that deciding to go vegan or vegetarian is a very personal choice and that you should research the topic thoroughly for yourself.

Here are some things to consider that may help you decide once and for all:

Possible Reasons to Eliminate Meat

  • Some believe that emotions of animals are passed through their meat when they are eaten by humans.  For this reason, empaths, especially, may feel bad after eating meat.
  • Meat takes a lot of energy to digest and once you consume it, digestion will be the body’s primary focus.  I would recommend that you avoid eating a big steak dinner before giving a reading.  But that doesn’t mean you need to give up meat altogether if you don’t want to.

Possible Reasons to Consume Meat

  • I was a vegan for years (because I wanted to be – it had nothing to do with my intuitive gifts).  But some people feel worse when they eliminate animal products from their diet.  I had one student who tried this and felt “deprived” and lacked energy.   It could be because he failed to consume enough protein and healthy fats, or it could be due to the next reason on our list:
  • There is some interesting research that suggests each specific blood type requires it’s own special diet.  Folks with type ‘A’ blood, for instance, may feel great on a diet free of animal products, but ‘O’s may feel worse.  It’s definitely food for thought (pun intended).

Bottom Line:

I don’t think anyone is going to lose their spiritual gifts if they eat a hamburger.  Please do not listen to anyone who tells you that you must do this, or you must do that in order to awaken your intuitive gifts.  I was on a strict vegan diet for years.  Now, I eat organic meats and dairy.  Either way, my abilities don’t change.

You need to experiment and find out what makes your body feel it’s best.  Some folks feel their best giving up red meat while keeping fish and chicken in their diet.  Others give up all animal products, or none at all.



I would never tell anyone to give up alcohol, even intuitives.  That is totally up to you.  But what I would say is:

Never consume alcohol prior to giving someone to a reading.

Alcohol and spiritual work do not go hand-in-hand.  Why? Because it lowers your vibration and make it harder for you to keep your energy fields up. Same goes for recreational drugs.

Whether you want to drink alcohol on social occasions on days when you are not giving readings is up to you.  Some intuitives can tolerate it on occasion.  I personally can’t.


You want to be sure that you stay well hydrated when you are developing your psychic abilities or giving readings.  Water is always the best choice, but some holistic doctors say that non-caffeinated, high-quality herbal tea is a good choice, too.  Remember:

Giving readings is energy work which can dehydrate you.  So make sure you stay hydrated.

Caffeinated beverages (like coffee) are a matter of personal tolerance.  When I drink coffee, I feel like I’m going to crawl out of my skin and it dehydrates me quickly.  For other psychic mediums, it helps them feel focused.

Processed and Junk Food

I think this one is a no-brainer.  Processed and junk foods do not offer our bodies any nourishment, and they aren’t good for anyone.   A psychic diet should include as little junk and processed foods as possible.

What to Eat Prior to a Reading

Use common sense. Don’t eat a huge meal just prior to a reading – it’ll take too much energy to digest.  However, if you feel like eating pizza, go ahead!  Just limit it to a slice or two, not the whole pie!

And don’t starve yourself prior to a reading, either.  Going into a reading with depleted energy, or dehydrated will affect your intuitive abilities.

Remember, the goal of the psychic diet should always to be feel your best physically and emotionally.  Because when you feel great, you’ll be able to give great readings.