Knowing If You Are a Lightworker

Knowing If You Are a Lightworker

A person that is a lightworker is someone that has been sent to the earth to share their light and to complete a mission. This was something chosen for them before they were born on the earth.

Most lightworkers commit to this before they ever go to earth and once, they make this commitment they do things to make the world a better place. Many of them are spiritual teachers and bigger than that though, they let their light shine on the world around them.

Understanding a Lightworker

A lightworker is a person that has come to the world to share love, freedom and understanding with the world around them. They have a higher sense of self and have reached their spiritual awakening. They want to make humanity better.

A person that wants to see the world a better place will have strong vibrations and they will have no doubt or fear and will hope to bring this peace to others. Lightworkers want to understand the world around them so that they can make it better.

Most of the lightworkers are older than the earth but they sometimes don’t even realize that they are lightworkers. They limit themselves and they fight to control their ego until they have the self-discovery of who they are. Then they realize that they have a purpose to help others.

Knowing if You Are a Lightworker

You will not be able to tell if you are a lightworker unless you look deep into your soul. You can do this when you go through your awakening and by looking at your soul mission.

Try to find out what you want and if you feel awakened to the world around you. Do you want to see the world a better place? Do you move away from fear and from greed, materialism and instead seek peace and love?

Look into your own soul and see if you have qualities and traits of a lightworker and then you will be able to tell if you are one or not. Here are some things that most lightworkers feel:

Being an Outsider

Most lightworkers don’t fit in on earth. They don’t feel like they belong and sometimes they get so homesick from this world. Other times, they are isolated and feeling like an outsider.


Lightworkers have a strong sensitivity to others, and they are often empaths. They have a lot of empathy for people and feel a strong sense of compassion for them.

The sensitivity helps them to feel the energies around them, but it can be hard for them to deal with people that are negative or angry. This can drain their energy and make them feel tired and overwhelmed.


Most lightworkers have a hard time fitting in to things and they are often seen as rebellious. They aren’t shy or timid and they will resist things that they don’t want to do.

Spiritual Development

Lightworkers want to be the best that they can and they sense they have a deeper purpose. They will develop their spiritual being and will find ways to speak for humanity. They will normally spend a lot of time in nature and reading books about helping themselves and others.

Helping People

Lightworkers are sensitive because they want to help others. They often become nurses, teachers, or counsellors so that they can help people to live a better life. They want to share their light to guide others to something better.

Are You a Lightworker?

There are many people in the world who are lightworkers. They have moments in their life where they don’t know what they want to do but they know that they want to help others. They want to make the world a better place socially and physically.

Here are some other signs that you might be a lightworker:

  • You see auras.
  • You find feathers and other angel objects.
  • See repeating numbers.
  • Know your inner truth.
  • Serving others deeply.
  • Have unique gifts.
  • Don’t think you are better than others.

Doing Lightwork

Your purpose as a lightworker is to awaken yourself and others. You can start your journey by trying to find your soul purpose. Lightworkers have gifts and wisdom that they need to share with others and so if you are a lightworker then you need to awaken your inner truth.

Here are some things you can do to open yourself up to lightwork:

  • Meditate.
  • Expand your thinking.
  • Open your heart chakra.
  • Increase your vibrational frequency.
  • Elevate your conscious thinking.
  • Talk to your spiritual guides and angels.
  • Let your love stand out.

Serving Others

You can do your lightwork by serving others. Don’t copy others but look at your inner man and your wisdom. Have an open heart and let the light around you help others. Make sure that your aura is strong and that you have raised your vibration. Open up your conscious thinking and let your spiritual guides help you.

Ask the universe how you can serve others. Smile when you go past people, bless them, do work to help others. You can also be positive and show love so that others can feel your light.

The earth has negativity and darkness and it is up to the lightworkers to bring peace and love to the earth. This high energy will help to enable light to follow you. If you are new to this, talk to your guides and your angels to give you ideas and to show you how to let your light shine.

Being positive and compassionate is one way that you can serve others. You can make the world a better place by letting your light shine.

Manifesting Gifts as a Lightworker

There are eleven different types of lightworkers. Here is a list of lightworkers and what their gifts are:

  • Grid workers and Gatekeepers: These lightworkers work on Gaia. This is a grid that connects to sacred sites and high energy grids. They are advanced and work as a team at the gates to let more love and light in.
  • Divine Lightkeepers: These lightworkers are the core of lightworkers. They have high vibrations, and they focus on bringing light. The challenge humanity and support goodness.
  • Transmuters: These lightworkers try to turn negativity into light. They try to bring balance and love to humanity. They help work through karma by working through ancestral lines. They get rid of negative karma so others can heal.
  • Healers: The healers help animals and people. They try to bring emotional, mental, and physical healing to the world with different gifts and techniques. They raise their vibrations and the vibrations of others.
  • Seers, Clairvoyants and Psychics: These lightworkers work beyond the earth and into the spiritual world. They bring healing and focus light and power on people around them.
  • Blueprint Holders: These lightworkers are awakened and they have codes that they send through the human heart grid. They help to awaken humanity.
  • Dreamers: The dreamer lightworkers are able to bring peace through dreams and through astral traveling. They go to alternate dimensions and bring symbols and signs to a dream. Lightworkers can do healing in dreams.
  • Messengers: The messenger lightworkers bring messages from Ascended Masters, Angels, Divine, Galactic’s and more. The bring messages through teachings, blogging and writing to help humanity.
  • Creators and Manifestors: These lightworkers are able to bring positive light of love and light to the world around them. They work with Gaia, humanity and animals. They manifest collectively to bring the best interests in heart.
  • Ascension Guides: These lightworkers are able to bless people and they ascend and bring opportunities to others.
  • Way showers: These lightworkers show people the way and guide them to reach their higher self.

Being the Best Lightworker

You need to find out if you are a lightworker by paying attention to your intuition and your inner guide. Ask yourself how you can serve others and keep shining your light no matter how you feel. Being a lightworker doesn’t mean you need to show off but you can do this undercover by being loving and kind to others.

Create a place around you that is positive and loving and make the world a better place as you move through your life.


  1. This article provides a comprehensive overview of what it means to be a lightworker. The various types of lightworkers and their specific roles are particularly interesting. It would be beneficial to delve into how one can validate their experiences and ensure that they’re genuinely on a path of lightwork rather than self-deception or wishful thinking.

  2. The classifications of lightworkers into different roles such as healers, seers, and messengers provide a structured approach to understanding their diverse contributions. However, the intersection between these roles and mainstream societal functions, such as being a nurse or teacher, deserves further exploration. How do these spiritual roles integrate with professional and everyday life?

  3. The concept of lightworkers as outlined here is intriguing. The idea that individuals can have a preordained mission to uplift humanity by spreading love and light is a profound notion. However, I’m curious about the empirical evidence that supports the existence and effectiveness of such individuals. Is there any scientific backing, or is it purely a spiritual belief?

  4. The notion that lightworkers can perceive auras and communicate with spiritual guides is fascinating. It raises questions about the nature of reality and our understanding of consciousness. I’d like to see more discussion on how these abilities are developed and authenticated within spiritual communities.

  5. The article’s emphasis on serving others and the various ways to do so as a lightworker aligns with many philosophical and ethical teachings throughout history. The practical steps for awakening one’s lightworker potential, such as meditation and heart chakra opening, offer a specific framework for those interested in this path.


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