Knowing Your Psychic Abilities

Knowing Your Psychic Abilities

There are different effective ways in which you can develop your psychic gifts and then using them for a higher power and purpose,  If you have good skills and learn to exercise your gifts then you can connect with all parts of who you are and you can share your gifts with the world.

Everyone has some psychic abilities and it matters how they use them as to how strong that they are.  These gifts can be powerful to the physical world and help people to be able to help those around them and use them to help themselves.

Awakening the Psychic Gifts

If you want to open yourself up to a different realm, you can do this by opening the inner skills that lay hidden in your life.  You will realize that you have this sense of energy that will guide you and help you if you just learn to use the energies in your body and your mind.

There are times where you will not feel these energies, but they are there, and you have the skills needed in order to seek them out and to live a happier life with your gifts being uncovered.


You might even realize that your psychic abilities allow you to see into other dimensions. You will have a new perception in your life that comes from nature and form people around you that will help you to see who you really are.  You will be able to determine your own reality and see how the world changes and shifts.  This can help you to focus and to decide if you want to see more gifts come your way.

Each person has a psychic gift that can expand their field of vision.  They can see the world from a different dimension and know that there is more to it than they can physically see.  They can learn to be aware of changes that are happening around them in their life and in their conscious mind.

Exercise for Psychic Gifts

There are different exercises that you can do in order to awaken your psychic gifts.  You can have guidance and learn to practice opening your mind.  You can find a skilled teacher or someone you trust to help you discover who you really are and what gifts you really have.

Do these exercises on your own and learn to relax and take things in stride?  Close your eyes and relax and learn to breathe deep and when you are finished, return your body to the physical world.

  1. Feel the energy in your hands.  This will be a ball of light in front of you.  Hold it about a foot away form you with the palms facing in.  Imagine that you have the ball of energy and move it in your hands.  Move it to different sizes and feel the energies.
  2. Ground something into the earth. Imagine a rope that you have form your head down through your body to your feet.  Let your eye see the cord running to the earth.  Feel the energy.  Feel peace and that you are grounded to the earth through this rope.
  3. Look at the stars and imagine that you have a small star in reach of your hands. Imagine a bright light flowing and the energy of the universe around you.  Let it flow through your body.
  4. Sense your aura and see if you can hold your aura and feel the energy of it in your hands. You might feel tingling or heat.  Move your hands and see what part is strongest.
  5. Open your third eye. Keep your eye closed and look between your physical eyes to your chakras.  See how this area is opened or close.  If it is closed, give more and imagine the third eye opening.  Let it close if it feels more comfortable.  As you get more comfortable, keep opening it.
  6. Adjust all your chakras and visualize them getting opened up. Stop at each one from the head to the feet.  Imagine the chakra opening and closing and stop at each one until they are all open.  Get comfortable with the energy and embrace it.
  7. Look at the energies that are blocked. Sit peacefully with yourself and see what is happening inside of you.  See what is going on.  Look at colors and patterns and imagine there being energy flowing through your body freely.  If a place is blocked, let the energy unblock it until it is flowing free.
  8. Read the aura of another person. Do the same thing that you did for yourself but do it for someone else.  Let your body find your energy field and move it around their body.  What colors do you see?  Do you see patterns?  If you can, you probably have the gift of intuitiveness.  Let this settle inside of you.

Take time to research looking at auras and yourself.  Learn to understand your own behaviors before you look at other people.  Let your senses come alive even if you are alone.  Work to be opened and part of the universe.  Expand your knowledge and learn to share your abilities with others.  This is the reason you exist.