Learning To Be A Psychic


           If you’re a psychic and quite unhappy with your abilities then you might want to know that I’ve met quite a few people who were interested in psychic abilities and they wanted to learn as much as possible about it. Usually I ask “OK, what do you want to learn?” and they answer “everything!” Unfortunately, such thinking leads to nowhere, and it’s impossible to learn everything in the fields of psychic phenomena.

School Metaphor

First, you’re going to elementary school where you’re learning the basics. Then you’re going higher and higher, finally you’re choosing a College or University, where you’re learning about one small field of knowledge in detailed way. People specialize in small areas of expertise, this makes them better in that specific area, because they can master it.

Bringing it to the Psychic

Yet for some unknown reasons people can’t find the analogy here. If you’re going to try and learn everything related to psychic sciences, you’re about to learn almost nothing. With general knowledge, you won’t be able to master specific area of expertise. That is of course, if you want to master something.

You can acquire general knowledge, yes – but if you would like to gain some practical skills, you must specialize, you must narrow your focus. You need to choose one philosophy, one school or thoughts (or two, three smaller schools if you want, but not everything). Let’s take another example – you can learn about nearly all religious systems on Earth, but your personal faith will be based on one system only.

Another analogy would be a RPG computer game – you get a limited number of experience and skill points, and you have to develop in one specific direction – if your character will be too general, it will be weak. OK, enough of these metaphors, you already got the point.

Choosing things to learn

So which psychic abilities should you choose? It’s all up to you to decide, but it’s important to understand that you can’t master every single psychic ability. Even after learning the basics and some useful psychic skills, you need to choose which skills you’re going to develop further. Personally, here’s what I’m focusing upon:

  • Energy Manipulation – because it’s very important for well being and all psychic abilities;
  • Psychic Healing – because I got predispositions for this ability;
  • Psychometry – because it’s damn cool!

Along with that, I’m playing around with psychic sensitivity and unique method of perceiving psychic energies, but those three elements above are my primary areas of expertise. As you can see, everything from spoon bending to psychic readings to remote viewing is just not in my interest.

It’s good to be unique

Focusing on specific skills makes each one of us unique – and at the same time, dependent on others. If you’re mastering the skill of psychic healing, it is always a good idea to meet someone who use psychic readings, and someone skilled in remote viewing for example. People with different abilities and knowledge and areas of expertise are creating groups, that are strong because of diversity among such group.

It’s another step in creating organised psychic community all around the world – focus on mastering specific skills, and network with people learning other things. Create smaller groups of practitioners, and in such groups, you will move further in your psychic development.