Listening to Your Intuition to Create a Dream Life

Listening to Your Intuition to Create a Dream Life

You may find yourself most mornings rushing out the door and then sitting in traffic dreaming about the life you wished was your own. This is normal for most professionals as we have learned to live with deadlines and a culture of obligations without any personal fulfillment. This is just not an acceptable way to live, but most of us are not vying to start thinking differently. This is a reminder of the old saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” When we are willing to apply this saying to our current lives, we may realize our actions are or insane, or we could continue to deny it. The good news is that our dream lives are still accessible, but we must be willing to make a few basic changes.

The first step is to recognize that we have intuition, even if it has been largely ignored for many years. Everyone has intuition. It is that nudge you get when you know you should be making one turn or decision over another. It is that feeling that comes when you get a job offer that looks perfect on paper, but when meeting the boss and peers something feels off. It is also that reminder that we want to ignore, but that tells you that your true calling in life has been missed. If can also come as a nagging feeling that your partner is not being honest or faithful in the relationship. This feeling comes long before any real proof exists. Whether you view intuition as divine intervention or some spark of personal genius, it can help lead you to the life you dream of in those moments you allow yourself to dream.


The concept of meditation can seem overwhelming, ridiculous, or daunting to some, but it is highly effective. It can be humorous to hear that some professionals think they have no time for meditation, but they are unable to figure out why their life is such chaos on their own. Even allowing yourself five minutes daily to sit in silence and simply “be” then you will see how your own brilliance shines through. Meditation provides the opportunity to connect with the higher self which is the all-around better version of who you are. This is also the part of each of us that holds the wisdom we need. Meditation  helps us to be able to relax and make better decisions without being knocked off track as easily when challenges in life present themselves. It gives you the opportunity to hear your intuition and the space to consider it, all in the comfort and privacy of the mind.

The fact you are still reading means you are willing to invest in yourself this year, so take the chance and prove to yourself that you do not have to be stuck in the former ways of thinking. You can choose more organic methods to live your life. This begins with a simple statement: “I am ___________________.” The blank is yours to fill in, but the list should be stated out loud as you look at yourself and end with “I am worth it.” The uplifting words you choose will define who you are this moment and provide energy to create what you want to be. Allow your intuition to lead you to the right words as it defines you and the dream you have for life.

Now it is time to take action and trust your intuition. Your dream life awaits, but you must start taking steps. Some will say that taking action is the hardest part and it can be, but you must ask yourself if those that never take action are living the dream life they always longed for or not. The answer to this is typically no, but you can be willing to take action and change things for yourself. Trust in yourself and your intuition. There is much more to life than checking and answering emails in the middle of the night because you get a paycheck to do so. Find that child-like part of yourself that wants to put your happiness first because it is still inside buried under all the anxiety and self-doubt. You just have to let your intuition lead the way so you can make decisions that lead to freedom and a true love for your life. If you are not willing to do the work, this is something you will never experience.

Be willing to trust yourself enough to try something new. Your dream life begins the moment you first choose to let your intuition guide you through life’s experiences. You are welcome to stay your current course, but many people are miserable living only for a paycheck. Learn to lead with your heart and leave the mind out of most of your life decisions. Your happiness depends on listening to your intuition. Pursue whatever happens to bring you happiness, ignites passion, and helps your fellow man. Your intuition is a better guide than a compass. Trust your instincts, even if the world has a different viewpoint. Your life is your own to live.