Make These 4 Food Changes to Increase Psychic Energy

Make These 4 Food Changes to Increase Psychic Energy

It may be a bit hard to believe that making some simple changes to your daily food intake will help you gain an enhanced psychic ability, but those in the spirituality world insist it is true.

Part of spirituality is being at one with nature and the earth, so it makes sense that eating better increases that. Another aspect of gaining more psychic abilities is to raise your vibration. Spirit guides and other aspects of psychic abilities reside in an extremely high vibrational plane. The only way to access this knowledge is to raise your vibration. Eating better will increase your vibration.

Implementing a psychic diet isn’t that different from eating healthy overall. It follows the same basic principals so it will not only help improve your psychic abilities but will make you healthier as well.

Here are four ways to change your diet to improve your psychic abilities:

Eat Organic, Whole Foods

These types of foods are at the top of the list not only for good health but to help increase your psychic abilities. These include things like avocados, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, quinoa, and using extra-virgin olive oil.

Increase Your High Vibration Foods

Some foods naturally raise your vibration. This includes the organic items mentioned, plus coconut oils, raw chocolate, raw honey, and maple syrup, herbal teas, purified water, fermented foods, legumes, and brown rice. It also includes ancient grains. This includes things like spelt, amaranth, and buckwheat. Leafy greens are also exceptional to raise your vibration.

Just as there are foods to implement in your diet, there are some you need to stay away from because they are low-vibrational and tend to prevent you from accessing higher spiritual levels. Some of these include processed foods, microwaved and packaged foods, sodas, pasteurized dairy products, alcohol, caffeine items including coffee, margarine, artificial sweeteners, and white rice and flour.

Since many of these items are not healthy for you anyway, it wouldn’t be a loss to reduce or eliminate them from your diet.

Less Meat, More Power

The psychic diet encourages people to get a lot of protein from plant sources, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat meat. Spiritualists advise that people seeking more psychic energy should eat meat that comes from ethically-raised sources. This would mean eating meat like free-range beef, pork, chicken, and wild-caught fish. These products are at a higher vibration than those animals raised in a crowded, dirty environment.

Other Things to Remember

Changing your diet isn’t a cure-all to opening up your psychic energy. You must make changes in the rest of your lifestyle to make it work. That means maintaining a positive attitude, and an overall healthy lifestyle with exercise, time in nature, relaxation, and meditation. You can eat healthily and remain in a sour mood but you won’t see any positive change in your psychic abilities. You can eat fast food with a happy and positive attitude and have tons of psychic energy. Imagine the psychic energy you could have with a healthy diet and a positive mindset!