Mistakes that You make When You Meditate

Mistakes that You make When You Meditate

You should always have an open mind and be open to new possibilities in your life. Many people use meditation to help guide them when they are going through things and this often helps them to deal with their frustrations and the struggles that they go through in life.

We all develop bad habits though and when we do, meditation sometimes does not help us. When someone is anxious and stressed out, learning to control your experiences and can help to limit the anxiety and stress that you have.

When you have situations in your life that seem to control you and you fight against things such as mental disorders or sicknesses, you might feel that you have lost control of your life. Maybe you have someone in your life that is addicted to things and you feel that you are not able to move forward in your life.

Chances are that you have a hard time focusing on who you are and when you realize that you can only control your own situations and not others, you will see that you can move forward in your life and learn to control and let go of things that are necessary.

Meditating is a way that you can learn to let things go. You can open your heart and learn to change your mind habits.

Once you learn that you are using meditation to try to meet your needs, you can figure out that you will have more peace in your life and learn to meditate right so that it can give you relief and help you out of your struggles.

When you try to figure out the best way to calm your mind and learn to concentrate, you will see that it is easier if you have less distractions and if you learn to face the truth in your life.

Mind and Relaxation

Your mind makes a mistake of refusing to relax. Even when you meditate, sometimes the feelings that you have can help you to miss out on being enlightened.

When you are frustrated and you keep practicing meditation, do not stop but keep pushing forward and allow the mistakes that you made in the past to fade. Increase your meditation and do your best to pick up meditation again even if you have done it in the past and given up on it.

Everyone gets upset at times and quits things that are good for them, but you have to use meditation to awaken who you are and to open up your life.

Meditation Mistakes

Here are some mistakes that you might take when meditating:

Quieting the Mind

When you want to quiet your mind, sometimes it makes you think of more things. You need to figure out why you are trying to quiet your mind and what the root cause is. Is there a solution? We all want to have freedom and we have to learn to fight for freedom and to let your mind create a peaceful place for us.

Sometimes our mind will give us conflict and will keep trying to bring things up and this is where people struggle. Doing nothing is never easy and you have to learn to be patient with yourself. When a thought comes, let it come and let it go.

Learn to settle and take time to figure out how to quiet your mind.

Sitting for Too Long

Imagine that meditation will change your life. Some people believe that meditating an hour is the perfect time, but some people do not have time to sit an hour.

When you realize that you are only able to sit a few minutes, it can cause you to feel broken and frustrated.

If you quit after a minute or five minutes, it might cause you not to meditate again because you feel like you failed.

The truth is, sitting for just a couple minutes, a few times a week can help you to get through this. Meditating is not meant to be a competition and it is supposed to be something you love and enjoy.

Stopping Too Soon

If you have worked up to meditating for 10 or 20 minutes each day but you still feel nothing. The mind will want you to be frustrated. The mind will tell you that you have failed.

Do not give into your mind. Meditation takes time and once you realize that you are sitting and taking time to think things through, you have to realize that there is no time frame. Learn to relax and learn to be patient in what you are doing.

Recreate Meditation

Figure out a way to meditate that seems fun to you. You can turn on some lights or burn some candles. Some people will play music.

When you do this, you might even get messages from the spirit world and it can be a feeling that you have never experienced.

Become addicted to the idea of meditation and get excited about it. Being aware of your life can be an experience that you have never had.

One thing to remember is whatever comes to your mind, let it. Do not hide it or remove it, just relax.


When you first start meditating you will have different expectations, but you have to make sure that you set your expectations low at first.

Allow yourself to have peace and stop being at war in your own mind. Let your mind rest and say or think what it wants, and this will give you peace.

Peace of mind comes when you are aware of what is going on around you. Do not allow your mind to give up and keep trying to find a way to relax and quiet down.


Even though we all make meditation mistakes, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on it. Learn to see your suffering as a way to start meditating again.

Do not try to make your mind be quiet and do not try to overdo it. Learn to keep pushing forward and to make it exciting for you. Do not have too high of expectations and you will see that you can reach your meditation goals fast.