Psychic Tune Up Exercises to Build Up Your Ability


So many are very curious on how they can do to develop and control their psychic abilities, but there is no easy answer. Like every other skill, it requires practice – exercise, as well as study -contemplation, even for the well-experienced.

Although I have been practicing and studying in the psychic realms for some 35 years, I still find regular tune-ups very useful. And since Spring is a great time for a tune up (as well as autumn for those of you living south of the Equator), it is appropriate to be introducing you to our meditations and exercises section. Here you’ll find a few exercises to help you clear the cobwebs and open up to some new inspiration.

Being psychic is all about focus, learning to refocus on different frequencies, like tuning to a new station on the radio. Yes, it is as simple as shifting your inner focus to another radio beam. Once you find the station, you listen “deeply”, with your heart, your feelings and your whole body. Here are the four keys to tuning in easily, and listening deeply..


I meditate daily, while I’m washing the dishes, knitting, walking the dog, as well as privately, quietly in my room. Every good psychic that I know builds the practice of daily meditation and prayer into their schedules, first to clear any energy accumulated through the work and the daily stresses… then to contemplate whatever key questions are on our minds… and open up to insights and inspiration from our Higher Selves, our Angels, Guides and our Divine Source. Since meditation is so important to psychic and spiritual work, we have provided an entire section of meditations and visualization exercises to help you to focus inward.

Work With Tools

A very effective way of activating your psychic self is to consult with a tool like the Tarot, the I Ching, a pendulum, a crystal ball. Astrology, numerology, even lucid dreaming can help you gain insight, to “catch the flow of the energy” and follow it into the future to see what might manifest. It is a good idea to play with a few different tools because they each have their own “tone”. I love the Stars and Dice for a quick clear answer, the Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards for an interesting “global” view, the Angel Cards for my “word of the day”, ( if I’m noticing, I can usually find that it has some real meaning). But when I want a reading, I work with the Tarot for some detail and depth. Explore the world of psychic tools for yourself, see what you work best with, where you feel a consistent alignment.


One of the reasons that folks end up feeling blocked psychically is often because they are trying too hard, taking it all too seriously. A sense of humour and a playful, light-hearted attitude are essential elements in every good psychic development program. Have fun practicing, play with different tools and mediums, allow your abilities to unfold naturally, joyously.

Study and Keep a Journal

Read, Read, Read… whatever appeals to you, follow your interests, just get out and explore the psychic and spiritual realms. There are hundreds of books on the subject, and dozens of well-respected authors from whom you can learn whatever you wish. Keeping a journal helps you to track your questions, insights and progress. I urge my students to keep their journals handy, to catch those insights and odd inspirations that seemingly come out of nowhere..(Answers from your meditations will often come in this way, some hours or even days after you have contemplated a question.) I also remind students to review their journals frequently because these notes will often have a lot more meaning in hindsight. By reviewing your journals regularly, you will notice patterns and become familiar with your own personal symbology.

While being psychic for me is a way of life, a way of looking at the world and relating to it, it also involves a set of skills, skills that can get rusty if they are not honed regularly. The exercises we’ve offered will help you to hone yours. We have been searching for other ways of helping you along the path.


  1. The seasonal suggestion of tuning up one’s abilities in spring or autumn is a unique perspective. It aligns well with natural cycles and can serve as a periodic reminder for those dedicated to honing their psychic skills.

  2. The idea of keeping a journal to track insights and progress is practical advice that can be applied beyond psychic practices. It encourages a reflective and analytical approach to one’s growth and experiences.

  3. The connection between meditation and psychic abilities is intriguing. It’s interesting to see how daily activities can be integrated into meditation practices. This holistic approach seems beneficial for both the mind and spirit.

  4. Using tools like Tarot and Astrology for psychic development adds a structured dimension to the practice. It’s insightful to consider how different tools bring their own ‘tone’ and depth to the experience.

  5. The emphasis on maintaining a playful and light-hearted attitude is notable. Often, people can become too rigid in their practices, so it’s refreshing to see the importance of joy and fun highlighted in psychic development.


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