Signs You are a Witch

Signs You are a Witch

Being a palm reader is a very powerful gift and it can give insight to what is going on in someone’s body and what is going to happen in their future.  There are signs that can show you what you hidden gifts and talents are and there are five signs that show what power you are born with and if you are a witch.

How Many Signs to be a Witch?

You don’t have to have all of the signs or even any at all to be a witch.  A witch generally comes without there being any signs or marks and if you have them, they probably come from a different life to remind you where you have been and were you were born.  These are sometimes called “witch marks.”

Mystic Cross

One of the biggest palm signs is the Mystic cross.  This is an x shape that is found between the heart of life and the headline.

People that have these signs are considered to be very strong in their magical powers and can be strong even at young age.  When a reader spots this, they believe that the person is form the Astral world and are spiritually related.

Some believe that these powerful witches have strong intuition.

Psychic Cross

The psychic cross is very important, and it is found on the root of each finger.  Each finger shows a planetary part and the psychic cross is found where the fingers on the right planet and it means different things:

  • On the index finger this is associated with Jupiter. This means you have good luck and you will have magical opportunities that will help you to be successful.  You can become very powerful and have a lot of knowledge later in life.
  • On the middle finger this sign is associated with Saturn. This means that you are on the planet of witches and you will learn things easily and be blessed with a strict teacher in your life.  They will teach you great power.  Meditation is important for you.
  • On the ring finger this is part of the Sun. If you see this on your middle finger, then that means you are blessed by Apollo and the sun and that you will attract power that you need in your life.  You will inspire people in their activities, and you will have a love life.
  • On the pinky finger this is the Mercury planet. This is associated with divination and you will have a powerful image in yourself.  Use your brain and heart to increase your abilities.

Psychic Triangle

A triangle shape or a pyramid shape on the ring finger is a psychic triangle.  This can be hard to notice, especially if you have pale palms.

If you have this, it means that you have blocked your magic powers.  You block your powers because you have committed magical crimes in your past life.  You have used your magic for darkness instead of light and this is a way for you to stop yourself from doing it again.

Each time you have cast a spell to hurt someone, you have created bad karma to come your way.  The psychic triangle is like being in magic jail.  This can also mean that someone else has bound your powers and you have made enemies in the past life.

If you want to unlock the powers, you have to be accepting of yourself and of others.  You have to forgive yourself and those that have hurt you and cleanse your powers.

Healers Mark

If you have four parallel lines or more at the bottom of your little finger, then you are a healer.  You are powerful and you can touch the hearts and bodies of people and help them heal both physically and emotionally.

People that are doctors often have these because they take the path of healing as a profession or a hobby.  The marks on the hands are like the medals of Mercury and they indicated a powerful healer.  This can be someone who will become a healer or someone who has mastered healing int heir past life.

The art of healing requires you to practice and to be grounded and centered.

Astral Travel

If you look under the Mount of the Moon and you have these marks, then you have the ability to travel in Astral projection.

This person is born to travel and will travel naturally int eh astral plane.  Many witches and shamans travel in the astral plane so they can get information and can heal those that need to be healed.