Surprise! You May Be Psychic!

You May Be Psychic

Some people grow up and know that they are psychic right away while others don’t understand the things they are experiencing. When a person is having visions or hearing voices, they might wonder what this is about, and it might take a long time before they understand in psychic abilities.

Once a person knows that they might be psychic, chances are that they will read books on the subject and try to learn about developing these gifts. Here are some signs that you might have a psychic gift:

On the Radar

People that are psychic know when someone is lying or when someone is telling the truth. If you are someone that can read people right on the dot, you are probably psychic.

Feelings to Places and Things

People are always going to get feelings but if you get strong feelings about places or people, you might even feel that you have been there before, then you are probably experiencing a psychic gift.

Strong Emotions

Psychics will have strong emotions. This happens whenever they are around other people or places that have a lot of history.

Gut Feelings

Everyone has some kind of intuition and if you notice that you have strong gut feelings all the time, you are probably great at making decisions. This can mean your psychic gift is showing.

Vivid Dreams

A person that has vivid dreams is more connected to the spiritual world than other people and this is a sign of a psychic gift.

Déjà vu

When you experience Déjà vu often, this can mean that you are or have been in a place that you have been to before in the past.

Psychic Family

Many psychics have someone in their family that had psychic gifts. These gifts can be passed down from person to person and this is because it can be hereditary.

Strange Fears and Phobias

Maybe you have a strange fear of a phobia that you don’t understand. This can be something bad that you have experienced in your past that is showing up in this life.


Psychics are very sensitive to the world around them and so if you find yourself being overwhelmed easily, you might be a psychic.

Getting a Feeling

You get a strong feeling about almost anything. It could be something that you know is going to happen or something that comes back from a past memory. This gift is there to help you.

Increasing and Developing Your Gift

There are ways that you can increase and develop your psychic gift and here is how:

Be Aware

The most important thing is that you are aware that you have a gift. If you are experiencing strong emotions or a change in your mood, you are probably picking up the feelings of those that are around you. Be aware that this is happening and don’t let this get you upset or frustrated.


Take time each day to meditate. Do it for a few minutes to start and then work up to longer periods. This allows your mind to be calm and to be more open to receive messages from the spiritual world.

Buy an Angel or Oracle Deck

Use your deck and start asking questions.  See what comes to your mind and your body as you turn through the cards. Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that you have as you move through the cards.

Practicing these things will help you to build your energy and will help you to be able to understand your gifting more. By practicing, you can increase your gift and do good things with it.


  1. The connection between strong emotions and psychic abilities is quite compelling. Emotions often act as amplifiers for intuitive insights, which makes sense in this context.

  2. The article’s point about gut feelings and intuition being linked to psychic abilities resonates with me. It’s interesting to see how common experiences are framed in the context of psychic phenomena.

  3. The article provides a comprehensive overview of what signs indicate psychic abilities. It is fascinating how intuition, emotions, and vivid dreams are linked to these phenomena.

  4. The topic of inherent psychic abilities and their hereditary nature is intriguing. I wonder if scientific studies have been conducted to understand these occurrences better.

  5. It seems that developing psychic abilities requires a lot of self-awareness and mental discipline. The suggestion to meditate and use an oracle deck is quite instructional.

    • Yes, incorporating meditative practices can help in various aspects of life, not just in developing psychic gifts. It’s a holistic approach.

    • I agree. The emphasis on self-awareness and mindfulness is crucial. These practices are beneficial even beyond nurturing psychic abilities.


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