There’s A Psychic In You


Have you ever dream of being a psychic and wondered whether or not you have psychic abilities? Do you notice that you’re different from the others? Do you feel you are a bit more intuitive and connected to the spiritual world than most people? Chances are, if you think you are psychic, you likely area. All of us are born with innate psychic abilities. Some people are just more in tune with theirs. How do you know if you have abilities that are worth exploring? There are certain signs that indicate the presence of supernatural psychic abilities. The presence of one or more of these may indicate that you have gifts that should be enhanced and embraced.

Heightened Levels of Intuition:

Some people are blessed with the ability to just know things. Have you ever just known something was going to happen without any logical explanation? Perhaps you have a heightened level of intuition. As mentioned, everyone has some level of intuition. That doesn’t mean that everyone is able to access theirs equally. If you have had one or more instances of heightened or ultra-strong intuition, you may have psychic abilities.

Telepathic Abilities:

Some people are able to connect with those around them with simply their minds. All of us have wished for this ability at one time or another. Wouldn’t it be great to communicate your needs without having to rely on speech? There is a difference, however, between true telepathy and the desire to ask your partner to grab you a soda out of the fridge. If you have ever felt that you are able to either send or receive mental messages, you may be telepathic.


Most psychics express some ability to experience visions. Sometimes these come in the form or very vivid or lucid dreams. Other times, this ability happens when one is awake. Either way, if you have even experienced visions that go beyond normal dreaming, you may be psychic.

Deep Feelings of Empathy:

Psychics are able to connect with people on a deep emotional and spiritual level. This kind of ability goes beyond merely caring for those around you. Empathic psychics actually feel the feelings of others, regardless of whether or not they know the person involved. Are you deeply affected by the people around you? If so, you may have an intense ability to empathize, a sign that you may have psychic abilities.


Retrocognition is an awareness of past events. Conversely, precognition is foresight into the future. If you have experienced either, it may be a sign. Many people are able to predict the future. Often, these predictions get chalked up to coincidence when in fact; they may be indications of the presence of intense psychic abilities. There is no such thing as coincidence in the spirit world.

Many people have experienced something unexplainable at some time in their life. Maybe it was a premonition or an awareness that something significant was about to happen. Maybe it was a simple as a “gut feeling” that something was amiss. Regardless of the type of experience, far too often these events get dismissed as coincidental accidents. What if it is more than that? If you have experienced one of more of these signs, especially in a repeated manner, you owe it to yourself to explore your psychic abilities. Far too many gifts go underutilized because people don’t recognize what they are. Don’t let that happen to you.