Top 4 Popular Psychic Powers

Top 4 Most Common Psychic Powers

Top 4 Most Common Psychic PowersThere a quite a lot of different spiritual gifts that can be developed over time or passed down genetically. However, the most common 4 revolve around our good friend “Clair”.

These are

  1. Clairvoyance: seeing clearly, even from a distance
  2. Clairaudience: hearing clearly when you are not near the subject
  3. Clairsentience: sensing and feeling clearly without physical touch
  4. Claircognizance: knowing clearly without ever being informed

So what’s the difference between a clairvoyant and a psychic? Or a psychic and a medium?

There are only subtle differences, so if you don’t have much experience with spiritual activities then it may be difficult to understand. However, the experts will tell you that clairvoyants, mediums, and psychics are very different.

Who Has Psychic Powers?

Who owns any of the big 4 of these psychic powers? And what are some of the advantages in the real world to having them?

To understand this means to understand the primal state of human beings. We are people who tend to remain in groups, which shows itself in modern society as families, friends, teams, clubs, etc.

Craving this connection, human-beings have been able to create relatability through a lot of different ways like music, art, sports, and other things we enjoy or have in common. But sometimes, exchanging ideas can be more than just the way we express ourselves.

People can call it coincidence, but when you think of a loved one and then they give you a call later, this is an idea exchange. You thought it, and that thought travelled over the spiritual realm despite the distance to reach that other person. Sometimes this is called telepathy and intuition, but it always has to do with one of the powerful “Clairs”.

Different people can have the capability to possess different psychic powers. Some people are born with these powers or born with the ability to gain these powers over time.

Clairvoyance is the most common and most easily achieved. But this will only let you achieve a low-level of psychic ability. More advanced clairvoyance is only achieved through discipline, learning, genetic inheritance, and careful study.

How do Psychics Use these Powers 

If you think that a medium is the same thing as a psychic, but they actually aren’t very similar at all. Since a psychic and a medium have very different abilities, they both have different ways they could benefit your life or help you with a problem or question.

They also use very different divination tools, which is the way they access their psychic abilities. Most psychics like to use Tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology methods, and crystal balls. But a medium utilizes usually always focuses solely on their own abilities.

They still need to practice with them every day though. Even the most expert mediums need to tone and improve their craft.

Although clairvoyance is the most common of the powers, there are a lot of little-known facts regarding this polarizing subject.

When someone has the clairaudience ability, they can clearly hear an unknown voice. So this means that they’re the ones with the opportunity and obligation to interpret that mysterious voice for the rest of us. Seekers of truth can come to a psychic medium who has clairaudience to hear the specific messages from a deceased friend, relative, or lover.

Similarly, a clairsentient psychic can tap into your aura and read and sort of negative situation or energy that may affect you. In extreme cases, these mediums can become aware of deadly diseases, conditions, or tumors before doctors’ equipment could detect it.

When a psychic uses these powers in a session, it creates an energy drain and affects them to large extents. That’s why most psychics utilize a cleansing rejuvenation period between sessions in order to get rid of any negative energy they may have picked up from a previous subject.

If you are a possessor of one or more of these powers, then you could have an insight into someone’s past, present, or future, so you could help them gain knowledge, awareness, or confidence in their situation to help them attain their goal