Understanding and Developing Intuition

Understanding and Developing Intuition

Intuition is more than a gut feeling. It is something that comes to you and allows you to know what is right and wrong and if something is dangerous. You have to decide if you believe that intuition is part of your wisdom or if it is something else.

Understanding Intuition

Intuition is information that someone has gathered without having any information at all. This doesn’t come from a book or a paper but it comes from the senses that you have including your smell, taste, feeling, hearing and seeing. Even when you are sleeping, your mind is picking up information in your senses.

There is so much information that is always coming around people that they don’t even realize that the information is always there. We look at things that we find easy like walking and we don’t realize that this is part of the information that we have learned in our life. Once you look at how hard it really is to analyze walking, you will see that this would not be something easy if you were trying to do it for the first time.

Even things that you are used to doing such as reading, driving, and more would be hard to explain to someone that has never done these things before. You would be surprised at the information that comes to you when you don’t even realize it.

Intuition and Logic

Thinking of things means that you take time to really understand them. There are different steps that you have to go through to learn something. Intuition is not seeing things from a different point of view, it is just a different way that you compute something. If you are picking it up faster then you are more intuitive and if you are slower at understanding something, your intuition is not as strong. The brain will help you to determine and see things in different ways.

Intuition and the Spirit

Some believe that the spirit is part of your intuition. If you are a spiritual person, some believe that you will have more perception of things. If you go beyond the physical perception, then you can be more spiritual. This is part of the body and mind and you can use the senses in your body to get you there.

Intuition and the Gut

The gut feeling is part of your intuition. Your body knows when something is scary and that is why you feel it in your gut. Fear is part of the gut feeling and you need to trust this when it comes up in your body.

Intuition can confuse people because some don’t believe that they even have a gut feeling. Even if people believe in their gut feeling, they don’t always listen to it and they often miss out on the perks it offers.

Intuition can also seem like a dangerous thing. You have to decide if you believe it or not and it can be dangerous if you don’t listen to it. Your logical mind might tell you one thing and your intuition might tell you something else. If you refuse to listen to your intuition though, you might realize that you aren’t getting the information or you are getting into situations that you don’t want to be in.

People that are always making wrong decisions in their life make these decisions because they listen only to their logical mind and they refuse to listen to their intuition.

Can a Machine Have Intuition?

Intuition can happen for people that are balanced and those that are unbalanced. This can be someone that is happy or sad or someone that has love or doesn’t. People that use their intuition use their whole body to give them information and not just their brain. They listen to their logical but then they listen to their body as well. Intelligence can come from more than just the brain and since this is a process, a machine could be made to have intuition.

Even though people find math to be hard, many people can use a calculator to figure out math. The computer can make math easier for you than using your mind. Even if math is hard, the machine can do more than people think it can and therefore it can be understood with the simple use of a machine.

Intuition is just like using a machine or a computer. You are letting your body compute the feelings that are happening inside of you and even though you use your mind for logical understanding, your body is also working. This is part of your life and the feelings that you have. When you are someone that is educated, you believe that logic is the answer but when you are stressed and anxious, you can see that there is more to your life than computing logic.

Intuition is there to help you come up with an answer. You can use your intuition to answer questions in your life and to help you make better decisions. You have logic and you have intuition, and you can use them both so that you can make the decisions that you need.

Developing Your Intuition

Most of the time people are just guessing in their life. You have to learn how to think things through and to figure out why you are thinking the way that you are. Some people have natural intuition while others have to work at it.

People that are intuitive will be able to know things. They know when something is not good, and they know when something is going to be wrong for them. If you try to figure this out with logic, it can be hard because you don’t extend yourself far enough to do this.

Logically figuring things out will make you feel crazy because you can never really figure out what you really need to know if you refuse to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Human Attention

People have human attention, and you can open this up by the judgements that you make. You can look at the universe for answer and you can see that there is no limit to the things that you know. You have information that you have received or learned in your lifetime but this is still limited. The experiences that you have had in your life can tell you more than what logic can.

Find out who you are and pay attention to what you are feeling. Figure out the things in your life that you wonder about and try to process the difference between your intelligence and your intuition. Look at how your body works and how it functions and see that this can be very complex and beyond anything that you can think about.

Using Yoga for Intuition

You can use yoga in order to increase your intuition. You can do this and open up your mind and your heart to the world around you. Build things around you that can make you strong and get data along the way. Try to understand why you do the things that you do and why your body is trying to show you the right ways to go in your life.

As you practice yoga, you let your mind go free. You allow things to change and the memories that you have and the senses that are inside of you are there to help you to get the data that you need both in your logic and in your intuition.