Understanding Willpower

Understanding Willpower

Willpower is defined as the agency a person used to decide and implement action.  It’s a powerful gift of choice that a person is able to use to benefit their life for themselves and others.  One particular use of willpower is helping to navigate the impulses created by addictive behaviors.  Addictions can be more noticeable like a draw to substances such as food, alcohol, drugs, gaming, or shopping.  But addictions can also come in the form of ties to unhealthy behaviors or emotions like shame, rescuing people, intimacy or vengeance.  When we turn a blind eye to our addictions we remain in a state of numbness to our underlying pain.

Only when we face our addiction we can begin to heal and grow as a person.  As you continue to process your addiction, you will see its mixed blessing on your life.  Yes, you are hurting and using this crutch to mitigate the pain, but the addiction is acting to bring light onto an area that requires more tenderness and teaches us how to use our will or voice more effectively.  When we begin to take control of our addictions and negative behaviors, we learn to trust our inner wisdom and weld it as a spiritual gift to help draw us closer to the Divine in order to benefit the whole universal community.

A healthy use of willpower demands people use sound judgment, display inner confidence and a hope-filled vision for the future.  The more you use willpower effectively; the more empowerment you will experience in your life and harmony you will feel in the spiritual world around you.  You will enjoy a bounty of prosperity, responsibility, peace and grace in your life.  But first, you must learn to gain control of your addictions.

Here are a few tips you can us to harness your control of willpower:

  • Understand your addictions. If they are unclear to you, explore recurring patterns in your life., especially the ones that cause you suffering or areas that allow to sabotage your


  • Delve deeper into this unhealthy behavior. Look at where you can increase your sense of responsibility.  Write down two or more steps you can reduce and two or more steps you can increase to promote more wellbeing into your life
  • Commit to these goals and watch as your ability to gain power in your life grows.