Using Crystals and Essential Oils as a Healer

Using Crystals and Essential Oils as a Healer

There are different forms of healing that people use both traditional and non-traditional. There is homeopathic healing that is used but now days, people use things such as crystals and essential oils for healing.

You can find these things at specialty shops, grocery stores or health food stores. These oils are good to help heal sicknesses and other conditions.

Stress and Depression

Stress is something that we always feel at one time or another, even if we do not realize it or not. When we go outside of our home, we are already in a situation where we can experience stress in our mind and body.

We must take time to get rid of these feelings and to not let the stress build up or tear us down. When stress comes, it can sink into other parts of our lives and cause depression and anxiety.

The Rose Quartz is one crystal that can be used to get rid of stress and depression. This stone is considered a love stone and can bring about feelings of peace, love, and harmony. If you are lacking compassion, this is a great stone to keep close to you.

You can wear the Rose Quartz, or you can keep it close to you so that it can reach your heart.

Ylang Ylang is an essential oil that can also get rid of stress. This oil can relax you and can make you feel happy and make your mood glad. This oil has a citrus scent and you can dilute these oils and wear them on your skin.

Stomach and Digestive Problems

We all have busy lives and it can be hard to cook home cooked meals. This causes many people to have to eat out and eat unhealthy foods. If you have a stomach problem, eating out can cause this to act up. There are some stones and oils that can keep your body on track.

Aquamarine is one stone that is good for stomach problems. This stone is also good to heal the liver or the throat. You can wear this stone as a bracelet or a necklace to keep it close to your body. This can cause you to feel better when you wear it.

Peppermint is a great essential oil and is not just found in candies. This stone can help to heal problems with your stomach or digestion. If you have a stomach ache, put some of this oil on your wrists or on your stomach. You can even drink peppermint oil.


Headaches can take over your day and make you feel bad all over. Do not stop your life because of a headache but find something that can help you feel better.

The stone, amethyst is a stone that is pretty to look at, but it is also a healing crystal. This stone can be put on your head and can take away your headache.

You can also use peppermint oil to heal headaches. Not only does this essential oil help with digestive problems, but it also helps to make your head feel better.

Sleeping Problems

If you find that you cannot rest and you are not able to sleep, you will find that your life is trying and that it is hard to feel good. You have to have proper sleep in order to feel good in your life.

One stone that can help you to sleep better is the Black Tourmaline. This stone can take away your stress and allow you to relax and to feel calm. Put this stone under your pillow so it can help you to sleep at night.

Lavender essential oils can help you if you have a hard time calming down at bedtime. Use this in soap, candles or even a spray so that you can sleep better and feel at peace.


If you have health problems and if you have problems with your sleep or stress, try using crystals or essential oils to help you feel better in your mind, body, and soul.