Using Feng Shui for Your Health

Feng Shui for Your Health

Feng shui is a way that you can keep the chi in your home, office, and your body strong and healthy.

Front Door

The front door should never open outward, and you need to make sure that when people come that they are pulling the energy instead of pushing it out. When the door opens outward, you need to change it so that you can shift the energy.

Wide Space

Your front door should easily open and should not be blocked with things behind it. You need to put your plants and other things somewhere besides in behind your door.

The energy behind your door will become dirty if you cannot open your door easily.

Foyer Opening

If your door opens into the foyer, the door that is coming into the foyer can block the flow of the energy. If the foyer is too small, you need to put a light above the door and run it at least 2 hours each day.

You can also use mirrors to make the room look bigger but don’t put the mirror in front of the door or it will cause the good energy to go out instead of coming in.

Small or Big Door

Your door should not be too small or too big. You need to make sure that the door is easy to walk through and that it can let the energy move through the house.

An entry that is too large will cause the energy to come in too fast and it can make the space feel overwhelming.

If the door is too small, put a mirror on both sides of it.

Best Door in the House

Make sure that your front door is the nicest looking door in the house. Make it of wood and make sure that the door knob and the edges are nice.

High Door

The tallest member of your home should be able to walk through the door without hitting their head or touching the ceiling. This allows the energy to flow.

Colors and Directions

These are the colors that should face the correct directions:

  • South: Red
  • North: Black or blue
  • East or Southeast: Neutral wood color
  • West or Northwest: Yellow
  • Southwest or Northeast: White

Where to Put Your Entrance

If you don’t live in a home and you live in an apartment or a condominium, make sure that your hallway by the front door is very lit.

You can put plants there to make it welcome and make sure that you put some outside if they won’t fit in the entrance.

The door should be facing the street and you should put lights and flags around the door if it is on the side. The hidden front door needs to have a place to see the energy so that it can flow.

Poison Arrows

Poison arrows can come to your front door form your neighbor or someone that walks by your house. If you live by steps, a cemetery, or other things, you need to make sure that you use these elements by your door:

  • South: Earth, water, or crystal.
  • North: Wood, plants, or crystal.
  • East or Southeast: Metal, light, fire.
  • West or Northwest: Fountain, fire, water.
  • Southwest or Northeast: Metal, wood, plants.

Make the Door Shine

Hang a picture with birds by the door. Use 100 birds if you can so to symbolize opportunities. Here are other things you can do:

  • Put water features by the door.
  • Put a plant on either side of the door.
  • Hang a double dragon.
  • Put 3 coins and tie them together and put them under the rug.
  • Use alters that face the family or living room.


  1. The correlations between colors and cardinal directions are intriguing. I’m curious about the historical and cultural reasons behind these specific associations.

  2. Using mirrors to manipulate spatial perception is an interesting idea. However, I wonder about the psychological effects of such changes on the inhabitants.

  3. The emphasis on the front door’s role in feng shui is quite prominent here. The detailed instructions for enhancing its energy flow are very practical.

  4. The concept of ‘poison arrows’ and their corresponding remedies is fascinating. It raises questions about how environmental factors influence the perceived energy within a space.

    • Indeed, understanding how to counteract such negative influences can be quite beneficial. It would be interesting to see more empirical research on this.

    • I agree. It would be helpful to know if there are any modern studies that validate these ancient practices.

  5. The guidelines outlined in this article seem quite comprehensive in terms of optimizing the flow of energy into a home. The suggestions about door size and placement are particularly interesting.


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