Using Feng Shui to Keep Out Bad Energy

Using Feng Shui to Keep Out Bad Energy

You can use Feng Shui to fill your home with energies that are positive. This is something from the Chinese culture and is a place where you can use positive energies and you can have a home that is full of peace and rest.

Feng Shui is a way that you can have a better well-being. You can find peace in your work or in your home and you can get rid of negative feelings. This can help to improve your overall life and can help you in your mind, body, and soul.

Here are some places that you need to use Feng Shui to cleanse your home and create a good place for you and your family:


Go to the entrance of your and this should be the first place that you clear your energy. Put a mirror if the space is very large. Add pretty things such as flowers to make the entrance welcoming.

Throw Things Away

You have to get rid of things that are broken, according to Feng Shui because this can cause negative energy and can block positive energy from coming to you.

Fresh Air

Go around and open all of your windows. This can help you to let new air in and get rid of the old air. It can leave your home feeling fresh. Even if it is cold outside, opening the windows for a few minutes each day can help you have better energies in your home.

Let the sunlight in whenever you can. Open the curtains and let the sun enter your home. Sun and air are great to get rid of bad energies and can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Too Much Stuff

Some people have so much stuff that they don’t need, and they refuse to throw any of it away.  Even if they don’t need it anymore, they will keep it.

When you have a hard time getting rid of things, you will see that you are not able to let positive energy into your home.

Organize your home and let peace and calm come in. Get rid of things you no longer need.


Use flowers in your home to bring in good energies. This is a very big rule in Feng Shui. Use house plants to raise your energy level.

Using a Peace Lily can help you to get rid of feelings that are negative and bring in good energies.


If you are moving to a new place and it had people living in it before you, you need to put some salt in the corners of the room. Doing this, according to Feng Shui can help to get rid of negative energy and the salt can absorb the energies.


Decorate with mirrors in your home. Doing this can bring positive energies into your house. The mirrors will reflect light.

Many people that are professional decorators will make sure that there are mirrors all over the house.


Look to the north of your home. You need to make sure that the energy in the north is clear and clean because this is where the energies flow and where we spend most of our time looking.


Use incense to raise the energy around your home. Let the environment smell good and be strong.


Make sure that you are cleaning your house regularly. This will get rid of negative energy. Make sure the bathrooms are clean and that you are vacuuming your area. This can get rid of dust and keep the house healthy and strong.

Do things that make your home look better and leaves you feeling happy.


  1. The mention of using salt to absorb negative energy is intriguing. While I’m not entirely convinced of its efficacy, it’s an interesting ritual that might have psychological benefits.

  2. The concept of using Feng Shui to enhance the energy in a home is quite fascinating. It’s interesting how cultural practices can influence our well-being and overall quality of life.

  3. The emphasis on natural elements like sunlight and fresh air aligns well with modern understandings of environmental psychology. Incorporating these elements can undoubtedly improve mental health.

  4. Utilizing mirrors to reflect light and create a sense of space is a well-known interior design strategy. It’s helpful to see how Feng Shui principles overlap with contemporary design techniques.

  5. I appreciate the practical tips provided in the article, such as decluttering and letting in fresh air. These are simple actions that can indeed make a significant difference in creating a harmonious living space.


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