Using Your Clair Gifts and Intuition


People often have clair gifts and other people that don’t normally have intuition to help guide them. Clair senses can help people to get information and to reach their higher selves. Intuition is something that all people have but not everyone knows how to use it. However much you listen to your intuition is however much you will be guided.

Types of Clair Gifts

Here are the different clair gifts:


This means to have clear seeing. A person with this gift is able to see visions, have dreams and to know things in the spiritual world. Most of them ca see auras and speak into the spirit world. The third eye is open when you have this gift.


This is a gift that means clear knowing. When you know something without being given information, this is part of the clair gift. This can be something that happens in the spirit and you know that it is going on.


Clairaudience means to have clear hearing. This is when you are able to talk into the spirit world and spirits can communicate with you. People with this gift sometimes wonder if they have a mental illness because they often hear voices.


Clairsentience means clear feeling. This is when you can communicate with the energy around you. You might feel when a spirit comes into the room by the hair standing up on your neck or the temperature changing.


This is clear smelling. Some people smell things in the spirit world and it helps them to know what has went on or when a spirit has entered the room.


This gift is clear tasting. You might taste a taste even when you haven’t had anything to eat or drink.

Final Thoughts

Once you learn about these different senses then you can learn how to make them stronger. You will see that as you develop these gifts that you will feel stronger in who you are. Figure out which gifts that you are and embrace the things that the universe has given you.