What Being a Psychic Taught Me

What Being a Psychic Taught Me

Being involved in the spiritual world can be scary for people.  There will be times that you will go through different religions and that you will see that you are not always a member of that religion or that you believe might be different or confusing.

When you meet a psychic, this can cause you to change your mind on your spiritual being.  It can come to the point where you will feel that you are soothed and that you are in a comfortable place.  Maybe you have had a reading where you went to the person and you found their home to be inviting and them to be kind and caring.

Maybe you were afraid at first and because of the religious upbringing that you had that you were feeling that going to a psychic was too risky.  Maybe you were putting this away because you were afraid that you were calling demons and satan and that you would be in darkness forever if you chose to do this.  Being in a room with a divination tool might have scared you and you were afraid of being overtaken by evil.

Maybe you were hungry to know more about your fears and that you felt that church was not for you.  Maybe since your family was a part of a church that it caused you to not communicate with them effectively because you were afraid of being judged.

In your life, maybe things were going well, and you were curious about what you should do in your life. You wondered about your partner and about making new friends.  You looked in the world and wondered what the world was going to bring you.

Having freedom might have made you feel overwhelmed and caused you to wonder about your circumstances.  You maybe wanted to experience something more spiritual that you were interested in and you were tired of being around people that were always there and were always religious.  You might have experienced people getting in wrecks and people dying of diseases and you wondered who people were always let down by religion.

The truth is always there, and the biggest things is that people give negative responses to things that they have not tested.  There are histories in lives that people have been part of and if you have felt disconnected to the spiritual world, you might be seeking something different.  What do you have to lose but to go to a psychic?

When you go to them and you stand there, maybe you will see that they are normal and that they are pretty and have nice eyes.  Maybe they are warm and elegant, and you lose your feelings of intimidation.  These people are normal.

When you get your reading done, maybe your psychic will tell you that you can go into the library and sit by the windows.  Maybe the room will be filled with sunlight and will have books and nice paintings on the wall.  There might be a crystal ball and a table that is covered in fresh flowers and crystals.  The place will be nice and cozy.

Your psychic will give you a drink and this will help to keep the energy up.  Maybe she will offer you water and you will drink it so that you can be calmer.

The psychic might have a piece of paper and a pencil in front of her and give you tarot cards to hold and to feel them, maybe even shuffle them for her.

You might use the cards as part of your reading, or you might find that you don’t need them.  You can go in and feel ungrounded and odd and even touching the cards might make you feel that you are part of this new world.

Your psychic will give you things to hold and when they land you will be told things and she will write things down on her paper.  Even if you are confused, she will tell you about her tools and what they are used for.  She will take you to a place where you cannot return, and you must answer her questions.

She will ask you where you were born and your date of birth and will look at the astrological chart to get a new idea for you.  You will want to see if this is valid and will justify what you are doing.

You will get answers about what you are feeling, and she will ask you questions about your heart and dreams and you will want to answer them because you are curious.

You will want to tell her things and listen to what she is saying and express yourself.  You will feel like you should be more engaged, and you will be interested.  You will stop to think about what is going on around you and what your psychic is thinking.

Your psychic, if she is good, will tell you all about yourself.  She will be able to describe you and to know about you even through your body language and your clothing,  She will tell you if you should take a job or if you should do your own business.  She will not play games with your mind and will be able to tell you things about your past.

When you are a storyteller, you will want to share more about yourself and tell her about things in your past and about your religion.  You will want to tell her about all your doubts and the things that scared you about being at a psychic.

She will tell you that you have the right soul and that you are doing right.  She will not scare you and you will be there to listen and to understand.  You will be able to forget about your past religious ideas and you will hear a voice of clarity and know that you went where you should go.

You will know that venturing out was good for you and it will be a logical step towards your maturity.  You will realize that the rules of religion are things that you don’t want to follow, and you want to just go to a different step and race back to a different time.  You will be comforted by the psychic ideas and you will want to do something outside of yourself.  You will have the need to move past your safe zone and stay there.

Your mind will tell you that this is true and that you have to believe what the psychic is telling you.  You will want to not let the religious rules confine you and you will want to step towards what your soul is telling you.

Your mind will be confused, and you will understand things as your psychic listens to what you are telling her.  You will feel that nature has taken over and you will see that your personality is different and that you will have hurt feelings over what direction that you chose but that you have people that still love you.  Your family might not understand but that is okay.

Karma will play a part of your soul and you will be there to learn and to be taught by this psychic.  You will see why you are creative and why you are sensitive and why religion has discouraged who you are.  You will try to understand why your family has a different expression than this and you will want to be in charge of your future.  You will understand that you mother and father will not understand you and that they might even shun your new ideas.  You will remain loyal to the church, but you will have a different idea of what your soul is meant to be doing.

You will ask about your siblings and the sensation that goes through you will be like a dream.  Even if your psychic cannot read what they are saying, you will be able to listen and understand.  You might find that your psychic cannot get a reading on some people but get a strong on your sister or your brother.  She might be able to feel their anger and know why the anger has seeped into your home.

You will know that your psychic knows when you were mistreated and hurt.  She might task you to drink more water and to take some books to study.  Even if you are conflicted inside of yourself then you will be attracted to what has happened to you.  You will feel that this reading was meaningful, and you will be overwhelmed.

You might look for spiritual healing now and want to feel the high of the reading even when you are not there.  You will understand energy and chakras and you will want to take care of these things.  Your psychic will tell you how important your family is and will want you to love them and to be part of your family.  She will want you to not feel guilty for following your heart and not to feel anxious or stressed about it.  She will want you to have divine happiness.

Even if no one has ever showed you that you can have this happiness, a psychic can teach you about your soul and can give you an understanding that religion didn’t.  She might be able to let you cry and get your emotions out.  You might find things out about your marriage that is hurtful and why you are labeled in your life.  You can reframe your actions and your thoughts for a larger impact on your journey.

Following your heart is part of your journey and getting a reading can leave you with some of the best advice that you ever had.  If your psychic tells you to go look at different churches, do it.  Don’t draw conclusions without going and studying them and find ways to explore your religion and your spirituality.

Listen to all belief systems and find what you have in common with your humanity.  Do not feel selfish for following your heart and find out exactly what you need to hear.

Let a psychic be a real teacher for you without feeling stressed or judged.