When Going Through Your Awakening

Going Through Your Awakening

Many people hear the term psychic, and they cringe because the term has become so messed up and has been taken out of context so much that people think it is a bad word. No one can really explain what it is like to use psychic in a spiritual term. A person that is psychic or has psychic giftings has powers from the universe and they have high vibrations that allow them to have giftings that are more than just what we have. Psychics get information on a spiritual level and not just in the physical world.

There are different kinds of giftings and different kinds of psychics. Someone might be gifted in many of the gifts and some people do not even know that they have these gifts. Just like someone has the sense of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting, these are the extra giftings or the sixth senses much like those but in the spiritual world. Having these gifts can help you to be enlightened.

Some people are afraid of these giftings and they have fear that they are not gifted or not using their gifts correctly. Here are some of the gifts that you might have:


The gift of clairvoyance means to hear clearly. This means you might see things such as visions or be able to know what someone is going through without being told. These people can see into the spiritual world and often see angels or other spirits. They also might have visions or dreams.


A person with clairaudience is clear hearing. They are able to hear into the spirit world and know what is being said and thought sometimes.


A person with clairsentience is able to touch things and get information from that person or that item. They have strong intuition and are able to know things about others.


A person with Clairempathy is able to feel emotions that other people have. They know what someone is thinking or feeling and sometimes they are able to even feel the pain that other people have because of the energies.


This has to do with being able to taste things in the spirit world. You might be able to taste something that you are close to, or you might taste something from someone that died.


This is someone that can smell things from the spirit world. This can be something that someone died did such as smoking or even their perfume.


A person that is prophetic is able to get messages from the spirit world. They seem to know things and they are able to get knowledge and to spread it to other people.


Some people are gifted to heal other people. They can touch and put their mind to healing others and this can help the body and the spirit to be healed.


Some people have dreams and are able to get information about the future in their dreams. These dreams can be interpreted by some and sometimes a person can dream and interpret their own dreams.


Other people are able to use their mind to talk to people and animals. They can do this by seeing pictures or even hearing what someone is saying. They are able to tap into the energies of people and things around them and communicate from their mind to the soul. This is to reach their higher self and the self of others.


There are people that are often skeptical of any psychic gifts. They don’t believe that people can have visions or gifts and they don’t hear things or see things out of the ordinary.

A gift that helps to bring healing in the mind, body or soul or a gift that can bring healing or goodness, faith, joy, peace, or other good things are things that can be psychic.

You are someone that is in a physical body, and you are often drawn to the energy of others. You can sometimes communicate with your mind or use the energy of the world around you to nurture you and to help you reach your giftings.


If you are someone that has had different experiences, you might say that you have seen the mysterious of the world. The way that you believe and how you handle situations is what will help to determine if you see things around you or not.

Using your intuition, which is something that everyone has, will give you the experiences that you can see that are magical and exciting. You can take these experiences and learn to ask questions and find a way that you can trust yourself and the universe for the answers that you are seeking.

Do not let beliefs hold you back but learn to be reasonable and learn to look beyond the idea of being born and see what other things that you can accomplish with the giftings that you have been given.


  1. This article provides a thorough examination of psychic gifts. It clarifies the different types and their potential applications, which can help demystify the term for those unfamiliar with it.

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  5. The discussion on psychic abilities, from healing to prophetic gifts, is quite enlightening. It offers a balanced perspective by acknowledging skeptics while also detailing the potential benefits of these abilities.


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