You Might Be A Psychic All These Times And You Just Dont Know It


Whenever we hear the word psychic, We often get this idea in our head of some gypsy-looking person who claims to be able to predict your future. The truth is that psychic abilities manifest in a variety of ways and forms, and almost all people have a small bit of psychic-ness to them.

Do you ever have a dream that becomes a reality, or a feeling that ends up being spot on? Do you ever feel like you’ve been somewhere before even though you haven’t, or like someone’s spirit is lingering where you stand? Have you ever just known someone was about to call you or become overwhelmed with intense emotions telling you to do one thing or another? Everyone expresses their innate sixth sense in different ways.

Here are 4 of the most common psychic abilities:

1. Claircognizance

People who exhibit claircognizance are ones who have a strange knack for knowing things that they really have no business knowing. They often receive insightful glimpses of things about to occur, which can manifest as intense feelings of danger or caution.

An example of this would be you taking a different route on your way home because you sense something is wrong with the normal one, and end up avoiding a major accident by doing so.

2. Clairvoyance

When translated literally, ‘clairvoyance’ means ‘clear seeing.’ This type of psychic ability is described as a person who can visualize intuitive information. This information appears to the clairvoyant as significant numbers, symbols, or names–anything that visualizes their perceived intuition.

An example of this would be knowing which card will be drawn next out of a deck of cards, or being able to predict the outcome of a coin flip.

3. Clairaudience

Also known as ‘clear hearing,’ those with clairaudience perceive their intuitive data via auditory means. This psychic ability usually takes the form of voices in the mind, telling you exactly what you need to know.

One example of clairaudience would be having a voice in your head tell you that you’re going to randomly run into an old coworker or friend while walking the beach later.

4. Clairsentience

Meaning ‘clear feeling,’ those who are clairsentient are also those commonly referred to as intuitive empaths. This type of psychic ability is widely believed to be the most common, as many people report having intense empathic connections and abilities.

If you’re unaware of what an empath is, it is a person who capable of literally feeling another person’s emotions. Which can be both good and bad. It becomes bad when an empath does not learn how to shield themselves from unwanted negative energy. But, they’re also highly aware of when people are not being honest with them.

These are people who are almost instantly aware of how a person is feeling or what’s weighing on their mind without ever knowing or speaking to them.

Reach out to a psychic.

A great thing to do if you think that you might have psychic ability would be to look online or find someone in your area that can give you information on their experience. Psychic abilities can be practiced and perfected, and someone who is experienced may be able to help you understand and learn yours.

Your gut might be more than that.

Many people who have psychic abilities initially chalk it up to having a strong gut feeling. It’s not the first thought that goes through someone’s head that they may be psychic. If this becomes a common occurrence in your everyday life and you find that you can follow your unexplained instinct above all else, you might have psychic abilities.

You have no logical explanation.

Many who have psychic abilities describe their initial experience with them as confusing. They might be able to manipulate something with their mind and not know that it was them who did it, or know something for no reason in particular. If this type of thing happens to you a lot, the explanation might be a sixth sense.