You’re A Psychic And Nobody Understands You


        psychic1  It always happens and it makes me sad when people think that they are abnormal because they are gifted.  You are not abnormal.  You are great and special and what I’m going to tell you now may seem obvious, but believe me, it is so often overlooked:

The first step in embracing your gifts is accepting them yourself.

Here’s what I mean:  Many times, people who are new in their psychic awakening contact me and say, “Why can’t I just be normal like everyone else?”

If you are saying these types of things, that’s a good indicator that you still aren’t comfortable living with your psychic gifts.  Anyway, being normal is overrated.

And if you aren’t comfortable living with your psychic gifts, how can you expect anyone else to be comfortable?   You really do have to love yourself first.

If you are having a tough time living with your psychic gifts, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it because you are afraid of being judged by your family, friends, and co-workers?self-improvement-tips-001-woman-wondering-glasses
  • Are you afraid that society in general will judge or make fun of you?
  • Are you fearful of your abilities because of a religious upbringing?
  • Are you afraid of having  visions or of being connected to the spirit world?
  • Do you feel like an outsider because no one understands your psychic abilities?
  • Are you an empath?  Do the feelings and emotions of others overwhelm you?

The first thing I want to say to you is, relax.  The feelings you’re having are completely normal.  Most people who have had a psychic awakening have felt the exact same way that you feel right now.  Let’s take a peek at a couple of these issues in a little more depth:

When Others Judge or Don’t Believe You

I have some good news about living with your psychic gifts, and some bad news.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.

The fact is that not everyone is going to accept who you are.  Some people will:

  • laugh at you
  • not believe you
  • think you are working with evil forces
  • want you to “prove” yourself

Is this lousy to have to deal with?  You betcha!  But here’s what I have to say to you about this (and all of the other professionals I know will tell you the same thing):

It’s not worth trying to convince anyone.

The arguing will just drain you and upset you.  So please, don’t do that to yourself.   The good news is that, in time, you will learn to let it “go in one ear and out the other.”  Trust me, this really does get easier.

Tip:  Just like with politics or any other hot topic, people are going to have their own opinions and beliefs about psychic ability.  It’s a good idea (and a spiritually mature one) to respect that.

For example: if your abilities are a hot button issue with say, your father-in-law, don’t discuss them with him.  Talk about other stuff instead and save the psychic chats for people you can be more open with.

I know it can be especially hurtful when it’s your loved ones who mock you.  But in the end, what really matters is that you stay true to yourself.  Remember:  you are the one who is on a journey of self discovery.

Losing Friends

lonely-student-being-bullied-by-her-peers-at-the-universityAgain, I will be totally honest here.  Most people who are living with their psychic gifts have lost some friends through the years.  But who hasn’t lost some old friends and gained some new ones over the years?  We grow and we change, right?

The path of psychic awakening can really be life changing – in a good way!  But, it’s not for everyone.

As hard as it is, if people begin to distance themselves from you, it’s OK to let them go.  Have faith that the universe will put new people in your path that will help you along in your journey.

Are You Uncomfortable with the “P” word?

For the first decade that I did this work, I avoided using the word psychic.  I would always say intuitive instead.

Why?  Because the word psychic still has a negative connotation for many people in our society.  So, if you feel that the word “intuitive” is a little softer, use that instead.    Use what works for you.

How to Cope with Loneliness when You are Living with Your Psychic Gifts

Feeling different can be very lonely.  There are times for all of us when we feel like no one in the world understands.

And that is why I’m going to recommend to you that you build up a support system.

Your experience will be much easier and enjoyable if you have like-minded people that you can talk to.

Tips to Building Your Support System

1.  Join a local psychic development class, or a local spiritualist church.  If there are none of those in your area, go online and get social!

2.  There are an abundance of psychics and mediums with Facebook pages.  There are also:

  • chat rooms
  • “psychic” type Facebook groups that you can join for free

The great thing about this is that you will begin to see that there are many other people in the world who are just like you!   It is in those lonely moments when you need to remember that you are not alone.  For me, about 90% of my friends are other psychics and mediums.

Tip:  If a chat room or Facebook group or page seems negative, or “off” to you, steer clear.  Take your time finding a group that seems reputable and is a good fit for you.

3.  Work with a mentor.  I can’t tell you how many times over the years that I almost gave up on this whole psychic medium thing.  It was only because I had mentors who had “been there, done that” who were able to talk me through the bumpy times that I stayed on my path.  And you know what?  Looking back now, I’m so glad I didn’t give up.  This work is unique, incredibly rewarding, and a lot of fun!


  1. The article provides useful tips for dealing with judgment and loneliness, which are common issues for people with psychic abilities. The recommendation to engage with like-minded individuals is practical advice.

  2. The discussion around the negative connotations associated with the word ‘psychic’ is interesting. Opting for ‘intuitive’ as a softer alternative could indeed help some individuals feel more comfortable.

  3. The writer presents a compelling argument for embracing one’s psychic abilities. It’s true that societal pressures can make one feel abnormal, but the suggestions for finding support systems are particularly valuable.

  4. The real-world advice on avoiding draining arguments and focusing on self-discovery is well-placed. The idea that one doesn’t need to convince others of their abilities resonates strongly.

  5. This article is quite detailed in addressing the various challenges faced by those with psychic gifts. The emphasis on self-acceptance and finding a supportive community are key takeaways.


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