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Do you know your purpose in life?  The reason you exist beyond eating, sleeping, working, and breathing?  For millennia humans have turned to sky for clues.  Consider how ancient civilizations create giant stone monoliths to form a calendar based on the solstices.  In the majority of religions and mythologies, God(s) live in the heavens above.

Today, we can learn to interpret the Akashic records.  Akashic guides may appear to us as odd looking other worldly beings who fill us with such love it feels like you are meeting a long lost relative.  Sometimes your guide may tell you that you are a “starseed” and provide details about the origin of your soul.  Starseeds are spirits from another dimension, planet, universe or star, but housed in a human body.

The concept can be nearly impossible for many to process.  Yet, when you dig into the history of the universe, or the mystical experiences of many astronauts it begins to become plausible.  If you suspect you or someone you love might be a starseed, we have compiled a list of clear and compelling signs.

9 Ways to Identify a Starseed

  1. Being sensitive and empathic: Can you tell what a person is thinking or easily sense their moods?  You may even take on their feelings or be hypersensitive to stimuli.
  2. Recurring dreams and spiritual experiences: When you dream you have lengthy vivid dreams, often involve particular items, places and people.  You have met spirits, sensed pulsating energies, and had out of body experiences.
  3. Glimpses of the future: Can you foretell events?  Starseeds also have frequent episodes of déjà vu.
  4. Feels of leaving your body: Earth is an incredibly dense planet.  If you dream of flying it might feel like you are floating through time and space.  You are filled with wonder and lightness.  You could also be prone to sleepwalking, astral travel or struggle to feel inside your body.
  5. Time is fluid: Sometimes you feel like an hour feels like five minutes, while other times it feels like three hours.
  6. You see symbolism: Patterns and signs are constantly repeating in your life.  You find wisdom in music or messages when the clock displays 11:11 or 4:44.
  7. Altering sleep patterns: You never can sustain sleep.  You may wake up at a particular time ever night (3AM is very common) and struggle to get back to sleep.  Other times you might feel compelled to spend all day in bed.
  8. Feeling different: Ever since you were a kid you felt out of place.  No matter how hard you try you can’t understand “normal people” and their motivations.  Yet, you crave a sense of worthiness and belong with your peers.
  9. Compulsion to change the world: This is the most compelling of all starseed signs.  World improvement is the mission of every starseed.  You sincerely want to see society heal and evolve.  Your spirit has an endless urge to accomplish great things.  It’s okay if you don’t know what that something is currently, but you are firm that collective improvement is your life’s purpose.

Understanding your purpose as a starseed is vital to your self-growth and the betterment of the Universal community.  Your mission is to inspire people you encounter to reach the next phase of consciousness.  With your assistance, others can help Earth evolve into a place of peace, communion, and joy your spirit recalls.


  1. The notion of interpreting the Akashic records and the idea of starseeds are certainly intriguing. The article provides a list of signs that are quite specific, and it’s possible that many might identify with these experiences. However, the scientific community may require more substantial evidence before accepting these concepts as plausible.

  2. It’s fascinating to consider how concepts like starseeds can provide individuals with a sense of purpose and belonging. The signs listed in the article might resonate with some people, offering them a way to understand their experiences. However, it’s important to approach such ideas with a critical mind and consider scientific explanations as well.

  3. The article presents an interesting perspective on the idea of starseeds and their purpose. It seems to blend elements of spirituality, mythology, and a bit of New Age thinking. While some may find these ideas compelling, others might view them as speculative. The historical context of ancient civilizations and their connection to the heavens is noteworthy.

  4. The article sheds light on an esoteric topic that might not be familiar to many. Starseeds and their characteristics are described in a way that could appeal to those searching for deeper meaning in their lives. It’s crucial to balance such spiritual ideas with practical, everyday realities to maintain a well-rounded perspective.

  5. While the article delves into the mystical and spiritual realm, it’s worth considering the psychological aspects as well. People searching for purpose might find the idea of starseeds comforting or empowering. Nonetheless, these beliefs should be approached with an open yet discerning mind.

    • I agree, Mustache. It’s essential to maintain a healthy skepticism while exploring such topics. The concept of starseeds can be a valuable tool for self-reflection, but it should be complemented with evidence-based approaches to personal growth and understanding.


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