Empaths and Dissonant Energy

Empaths and Dissonant Energy

Empaths and Dissonant EnergyI’ve written before that I’m empathic. But over the course of about the last year, I’ve become acutely aware of the depth of my sensitivity and how much of an “intuitive sponge” I actually am!

It takes a heavy toll on me, both energetically and emotionally, to be in a large crowd, to experience negativity either through media or in verbal conversations, or to hear about limitations and suffering of any kind. I’ve learned to be aware of who I’m with, what I spend time doing, and to often ask myself, “Is this dissonant energy mine, or is it somebody else’s?”

Our “psychic hygiene” is just as important as our physical hygiene. Self-care doesn’t involve only our physical bodies. Our energetic and spiritual bodies are included, too. One way our bodies communicate with us is through feelings of discomfort, both emotional and physical. If something resonates with our vibration, or relates to our highest good, we will feel flowing, easy, and light. If it opposes our vibration, we will feel stuck, burdened, or even pained.

In my professional practice, in my group of friends, and in my own personal experiences, I’ve found that more intuitives, even those just awakening to their empathic sides, are discovering just how sensitive they are, and how easy it is for them to “pick up” dissonant energy from the people around them and the environments they’re in. One friend described it as feeling like Pigpen from The Peanuts, but instead of dirt and dust, she was walking around with a confusing cloud of energetic dissonance surrounding her!

Empaths and Dissonant EnergyToday when I came home, I felt tremendous discomfort. Of course, I first ruled out the obvious physical possibilities (if you feel physical discomfort that’s unusual, or that lasts for an extended length of time, please seek medical attention). I know myself well enough to understand that some of what I felt involved energy. So I followed some simple steps, and the discomfort almost completely dissipated.

Next time you feel intuitive discomfort and you suspect dissonant energy, perhaps this exercise will help you, too!

  1. Ask yourself if there’s something going on with you physically that could be contributing to or causing the discomfort. As I mentioned, in my case I knew that there were physical components to my issue; I was feeling tired because I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Knowing this began easing my mind.
  2. Next, ask yourself what energetic or emotional component of the discomfort could be yours. This step goes within, takes a look at what inside needs healing, and assumes responsibility for your own actions, feelings, and thoughts. In my own case, I was feeling powerless, resentful, angry, and doubtful.
  3. After you identify the emotional and/or energetic components, ask yourself what things you’re able to heal right now. I included “right now” in this question because this step can be a challenge. Sometimes you just can’t release the entire story or forgive fully. So, be as gentle as you can be with yourself. Acknowledge and respect your humanity. As my angels have often reminded me, “You’ve not yet transcended, dear one.”

This step accomplishes two things. It first asks you to honestly evaluate the emotions and energies involved, and to surrender or forgive them. Then it asks you to release the “backstory” behind them, along with control of them. Today after I acknowledged the feelings that I was experiencing, I confessed to the Universe that I certainly was willing and ready to release some of it, but there were still some components I just wasn’t able or ready to let go of yet.

Commit to revisiting these energies or emotions to do more healing. You may have to chip away at it in segments over an extended period of time, but eventually, healing will certainly come.

  1. Finally, ask yourself if there’s any component of the dissonance that’s not yours. Try to discern what you may have picked up from somebody or someplace else. For “intuitive sponges,” this step is very important, because it may help you realize that the discomfort you’re feeling is not completely yours. Realizing this can be a huge relief! Even better, it’s not necessary for you to know just who or what caused your discomfort. Sometimes just understanding that it’s not completely yours can be tremendously healing!

I hope that this exercise will help you as much as it helped me.

If you’re an empath—an “intuitive sponge”—what methods or tips have helped you clear dissonant energy? Please share them in the comments section below!


  1. The analogy to Pigpen from The Peanuts is quite apt. Energetic dissonance can indeed feel like a cloud that follows you around. I appreciate the actionable steps provided for addressing and managing this kind of discomfort.

  2. The step-by-step method for evaluating and addressing discomfort is helpful. The idea that not all discomfort is your own and that some can be picked up from others is an essential insight for empaths and intuitives.

  3. As someone who has only recently become aware of their own empathic tendencies, I find this advice very practical. Learning to differentiate between my own energy and the energy I pick up from others is something I definitely need to work on.

  4. The concept of ‘psychic hygiene’ is intriguing. I’ve read about the importance of managing one’s energy before, but this article provides a systematic approach that could be quite beneficial. It’s important to recognize and address both emotional and physical discomfort, rather than just looking at one aspect.

  5. This article brings up some compelling points about the emotional and energetic toll of being highly sensitive. The emphasis on self-care and gradual healing resonates with therapeutic practices I’ve encountered. It’s a reminder that healing is a continuous process.


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