Possible Jobs From Being A Psychics


am-i-psychic-2-225x300Our “sixth sense” may take many forms. If you a very developed intuition, it may even turn into an interesting and profitable career. There are a large number of psychics at work in today’s world. Where and how do psychics work? There is a market for private readers, but there are also other jobs where psychic skills come in handy.

Some psychics have a deep understanding of their gifts. Others may use their psychic talent in their careers without knowing it. Would you be surprised to learn that intuition has resulted in success in every job? Stockbrokers and investors may not be aware of where those hunches are coming from. Your doctor may not know why he can diagnose a patient on sight. But then again, there are people who use these tools in a more directed way. Examples would be energy healers or psychic detectives.


The flip side of the equation is that if someone has no understanding that they are psychic, they may hide, rather than explore, their abilities.  A person who has a strong intuitive nature which is being denied and suppressed may develop all sorts of physical and emotional problems.

Denial of psychic ability can create anxiety, sleep disorders (especially in someone who has psychic visions and dreams) and depression.  Fear can dominate their day-to-day life and affect them on the job.

This ordinary defensiveness and cynicism can make life tough when taken to the extreme. We are all in the process of growth and change. It is important that we all learn to accept that there are things larger than we are. It makes life and work easier if we accept that we are all connected at a soul level.

So,what if you are someone that has nurtured your psychic ability? If you are working on developing your gift, it can be an asset in almost any job. It can certainly make any job easier. There are lots of ways to practice your psychic ability, and there are many careers to which psychics are naturally drawn.

psychic-amipsychicAdvisors/Life Coaches/Readers

Private or online consultation with clients may be the most logical profession for a mature psychic. It is a natural instinct to want to help people. Once your specific abilities are nurtured and focused, you may want to investigate the opportunities in this field.

Keep in mind that just telling someone’s future is not enough. People come to a psychic or reader when they need help and direction. A good psychic must read the energy of the people that come their way. It is a profession that includes ethics and a code of conduct.

Understanding the complexity of each person’s path gives advisors the ability to help people. Being able to see the road-blocking events is a great asset.

Many developed intuitives are also coaches (life and business). A surprising number of psychic readers are certified as life coaches. A deep understanding and intuition, coupled with a need to motivate and inspire, makes a great coach.

Many psychics view their profession as a “calling” that stems from their desire to help people.

Medical Profession/Healers

Image source: Larry Lamsa on Flickr

Not surprisingly, the healing professions are filled with empaths and psychics. The innate need to help others and the compassionate nature of psychics makes this a good fit. In both traditional and alternative medicine, many doctors, nurses, massage therapists, and other health professionals may be psychically inclined.

Energy healing is a developed form of energy reading, as well as a handy and helpful psychic tool. All of humanity is made up of energy. Psychic energy, in particular, can be developed and finely tuned. Empathetic healing, intuitive communications, and mediumship are all modalities that a psychic can nurture.

In ancient China, those that learned to practice medicine were learning a complex system of reading their patients’ energy. Holistic healers of all types rely on their ability to read the energy as well as the physical body of their patients. Energy healers may practice chakra healing, Reiki or any number of modalities.

A hundred years ago, the famous psychic Edgar Cayce gave thousands of readings that were primarily a method to evaluate the causes and conditions of the physical body.  He also built clinics and hospitals.

Many psychics become healers because they have a deep need to heal the sick.


Creative personalities are often visionaries. Perhaps the future that Da Vinci or Nostradamus saw was accurately depicted in their inventions, art and poetry.

A person with the psychic ability to see things and spirits others do not see are often able to translate the experience into writing, art and music. In many ways, artistic professions are compatible with the intuitive nature.

It is no surprise that many science fiction writers have lived to see their imaginings come into existence. The creative spirit is closely linked to the “sixth sense.” Anyone that has an artist’s super sensitivity should definitely develop their psychic gifts. It is important that those working in the world of art and music not suppress their intuitive urge. If a creative personality allows insight and clarity of thought into their work, they can accomplish great things.

Religious/Spiritual Leaders

Soul evolution is a drive of all humanity. It is not important that someone chooses any particular religion or belief system. It is amazing how many different religions and cultures have psychics, healers and other types of practicing intuitives in their ranks.

There is a profound difference between joining a religion and practicing one. In many cases, spiritual people who practice prayer, meditation and other soul evolution techniques develop their psychic abilities. Prophets, missionaries and spiritual leaders are often intuitive personalities.


The 2005 TV show “The Medium” was based on the relationship of a real-life psychic working for a US police department. More recently, Australia’s “Sensing Murder”, “Psychic Crime Solvers”, Court TV’s “Psychic Detectives” and the Arts and Entertainment Network’s “Psychic Investigators” highlight psychics’ roles in helping to find missing people, solving murders and assisting police departments. This new breed of investigator (usually unpaid) is a “forensic psychic”.

There have been several books written by ex-police officers that are also developed psychics. They describe how their abilities helped them solve crimes. The knack for finding lost things, even people, is a valuable skill for any detective.

To succeed at anything, we need to be experiencing joy on a regular basis. So if you think you are psychic, it isn’t vital that you develop your full potential. It’s up to you. It is recommended that you at least accept yourself, embrace life and learn to love other people. And most of all, remember that you are not alone. Everyone has had some type of intuition. It is a blessing, not a curse.

The best psychics are dedicated to service, not personal enrichment. Naturally, we all need to make a living, but legitimate psychics and readers use their gifts first and foremost to help people. No matter what career path you choose, you can manifest exactly what you need to be happy.