Recognizing Symbols

Recognizing Symbols

Recognizing SymbolsIf you have ever experienced a time when you were like “Yes!” and you expected what was going to happen without knowing it.  If you have ever woke up from a dream to see that your dreams were real, then it is a chance that you have experienced a psychic symbol.

You need to be able to see your intuition, but this isn’t free.  You have to change your life and the way the outside world works and start to think differently.  If you want intuitive thought, you need to follow a path that leads you to great things.  You need to trust the messages you get, and these can change your life.

If you grew up normal and average and you always felt like you had a special power, you might want to check out your intuitive gifts.

Where Do the Symbols Come From?

Psychic symbols are messages and they help to communicate with us.  We get information and are impressed in different ways.  Some are visual while others see things in their mind.  Some are clairvoyant and others clairaudient, or they see or hear things that they do not really see or hear.

Some realize these gifts and others do not even know they have these gifts.  Having one gift does not overtake other gifts.  Some psychics can communicate with other people using different gifts at one time. These symbols can bring things together and help you to understand what you are doing.

If someone ever asked you how you knew something, but you didn’t know why, chances are that you are receiving communication from another world or the spirit world.  You will have a helper that brings you symbols when doing readings.  This can be hard for psychics because they can hear different things at different times, and you have to learn to tune in to what you are asking.

For people that have lost loved ones, this is how they share information with them.  Psychics have to understand what they are hearing and why.  They have to be able to decipher symbols and images such as flowers or cakes or even colors.  It is a clear line of transmission that we have to learn to see and know in our spirit or mind.

Difference Between Symbols and Imagination

Sometimes it is hard to figure out if we are getting symbols or if we are imagining things.  It is okay, this can open up your mind to be able to receive things.


One symbol is the dragonfly and it is a way to get into awareness of what you are hearing.  This is connected to adapting and having peace and goodness.

If you see a dragonfly, you need to pay attention to the colors and what it is doing so you can get a better meaning.

Different things can have different meanings and when a symbol happens then it could be a way to get answers to something you are looking for.  You always need to pay attention.  Are you walking down a pathway?  Is the ground soft or hard?  Is it happy or sad?  Is it sunny or dark?  Looking for answers can help you to understand your symbols and is a positive thing.

You might get images in our mind of something else that is similar.  Maybe you are debating in two different situations and you need an answer.  Pay attention to what is happening around you and what symbols you see.

Signs and Symbols

Sings are like symbols and they can help to guide you down the right path. Signs do not have to be clairvoyant; they can be real items.  They can be items you see every day; the universe works this way.

Some sings are from people that have passed on.  They can be the sky or the colors or clouds how they make different images.

Create Symbols

Symbols are used to change our life and to bring things into order.  We can look at anything from finances to marriage and we can successfully manifest something we are asking for.

Using images and symbols can help us to be on point with what we are hoping to have.  If we can imagine small things, then we can use our mind and start seeing things more and more.  We can see what we will eat and what we will do, and we can look into the future or into other people’s minds.

There is a chance that someone will contact you and ask to meet you.  If this happens, go and if someone wants to talk to you about something, do it.  The universe can take care of you and even bring you a romantic partner or a new friend.

If you can imagine having all the money that you need, then you can bring money into manifestation.  Visualize that you are having money and imagine the money going into your purse.  If it is something specific you want to buy, imagine that too.  The more specific you are the better your outcome can be.

The hardest part is trying to think of symbols and not being able to think of any to represent what you want.  If this happens, you have to let it go and try again.  Stop being negative.  Pay attention to the signs and take advantage of them.

For Psychics Only?

The biggest thing to remember is that a psychic symbol is for anyone and everyone that wants to use it.  You can practice your intuitive and the symbols can help you do this.  There are symbols all over and everywhere you go.  They can give you messages and gifts and you can even imagine what you can get.  Pay attention to what is happening such as a song playing or something laying on your desk.

Enjoy messages that your loved ones might send you from the beyond.  Ask them for directions and signs.  Let them guide you.

Psychic symbols are easy to get from angels and loved ones.  Love them and believe in them but most of all, recognize that they are there.


  1. The concept of receiving messages from a different realm via symbols is thought-provoking. It raises questions about the nature of consciousness and our perception of reality.

  2. The emphasis on the importance of intuition and trusting the messages we receive is noteworthy. It seems like a skill that requires practice and awareness to develop fully.

  3. The idea that symbols and signs can guide us in our daily lives is intriguing. It would be useful to have more practical examples or case studies to understand how this works in real-life scenarios.

  4. The idea of psychic symbols and their significance is intriguing. I wonder if there’s any scientific basis to support these claims or if they are purely anecdotal experiences.

  5. The differentiation between symbols and imagination is quite fascinating. It would be interesting to delve deeper into how one can distinguish between the two effectively.


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