Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals

Many cultures look at animals in an important light. They see them as protectors and teachers. Some animals are even seen as guised and messengers and these types of animals are called spirit animals.

The spirit animal that attracts to us helps us in many ways such as giving us guidance when we need it. The animal can come in times where we need it and we don’t expect help and they can make you feel special and loved.

Some animals live their life just to be guides and they come to you depending on your own personal gifts and personality and they can show up for a little while or stay with you all through your path to guide you and comfort you.

Animals that are spirit animals help to give us power when we need it. They can give you strength like a lion or peace like a dove. When you figure out who your spirit animal is, you will realize that you have probably always been attracted to this animal and you can see how it has played a role in your life.

Do you feel that out are smart and talented like an owl or do you feel like you are a loyal friend such as a dog? When you feel these feelings, it can be the type of animal that comes to you as your spiritual animal.

When you begin to see the animal over time this can mean that they are trying to send you a message or to help you. What is this animal like?  What kind of personality does this animal have? Does this animal help you to make good choices?

Animals can help you if you have a loved one that has died. They can help your loved one to easily pass over to the other side and not to be afraid. The animal can also come to you after you have lost a loved one to give you peace and comfort. They can give you a message that can help you to have peace and comfort.

Animals and humans are connected in many ways. If you learn to listen to animals that are around you and figure out what they are saying, chances are they are trying to give you a sign or a message. Your spirit animal can help you to grow and help you to have guidance when you need it. Take time to listen to what your animal is saying to you and always be thankful for it.

Here are some animals that people have as their spirit animal:

  • Hawk-good vision
  • Dog-loyal
  • Dolphin-playful
  • Lion-strong
  • Cheetah-fast
  • Owl-smart
  • Dove-peaceful
  • Butterfly-creative

Remember to embrace your spirit animal and let it help you along your journey in life.