Ten Simple Tips for Giving Great Psychic Readings

Ten Simple Tips for Giving Great Psychic Readings

Ten Simple Tips for Giving Great Psychic ReadingsGiving high-quality psychic readings is something you can master. Many new professional psychics don’t understand that providing top-notch readings doesn’t necessarily depend on their accuracy. Accuracy is, of course, very important. But the way you conduct your readings and manage your clients is arguably more important.

Professional psychic readings aim to provide your clients with an excellent experience and motivate them to return to you.

Honesty and Integrity Above All

Giving readings with honesty and integrity is crucial. This doesn’t mean you have to be insensitive. The best method is to discern your client’s emotional state, and to always tell the truth about what you’re perceiving intuitively. Often, beginning psychics will obscure the true essence of what they’re receiving.

Some fraudulent readers purposely deliver information that’s not true, or extend their readings by adding extra fluff. They do this in an attempt to impress their clients and make them feel satisfied with their readings. However, this technique will usually end up backfiring.

The truth will always come to light. The best professional psychics always perform honest readings with integrity. If you do otherwise, you may end up with angry clients as word spreads of your flawed methods of practice. Here are 10 easy tips for giving consistent professional psychic readings.

  1. Know your craft.

Be professional by choosing a reading method and sticking to it. Extensive practical experience in your chosen intuitive method is the only genuine way to acquire the know-how to give consistently excellent readings. Be prepared to explain to your clients why you chose to communicate the information that you shared.

If you’re doing a subjective type of reading, be clear and confident, and remain steadfast about what came through.

  1. Tell clients what to expect.

If a new client isn’t familiar with how you work, you should tell them what they can expect. Counsel clients before sessions begin by telling them how spiritual beings communicate with you, and advise your clients how you validate that spirits that come through are actually the spirits they’re seeking to contact.

  1. Ask what clients want to know.

Some clients will not be sure what their most important questions are until you ask them. Knowing their questions beforehand will set the tone for how the reading will proceed.

If a client has too many questions for one session, tell them you’ll answer as many as you can, so they should start with what’s most important to them.

  1. Have faith in yourself.

Be sure you solidly have a method for your readings in place. This will enhance your professionalism. Information in psychic readings must be delivered smoothly. Set a method for the type of sessions you provide and stick to it. Have confidence, and always listen closely. Practice beforehand what you plan to say and do when you inevitably get stuck in a reading.

  1. Don’t be coerced into providing desired answers.

Clients may feel desperate or expect to hear a desired answer. When you realize this, you must gently remind the client that the answers you provide may not always be what they hoped to hear.

This is one of the most common issues psychic readers face. When it happens, strive to provide positive alternatives, and focus on the bright side of things. Optimistically highlight the new opportunities that are coming their way.

  1. Keep clients in the present.

During readings, clients may space out or become distracted. It’s up to you to bring them back to the present moment. Occasionally ask them if they fully understand what you’re saying so far. If they don’t, you may need to tell them some things again.

  1. Don’t mirror clients’ emotions.

If you’re a seasoned reader, you know that sessions can get emotional. Tears may flow, and occasionally, a client may break out sobbing. Show compassion and kindness, but don’t get caught up emotionally, tear up, or cry right along with your client. This would not be professional. Just be empathetic, kind, and gently offer understanding words of compassion. You may choose to hold their hands, but rushing over to hug them is a bad idea.

When clients have emotional responses, allow them time to compose themselves, then ask if they’re ready to resume the reading. A hug is just fine at the end of the session.

  1. Always be gentle and kind.

It is possible to deliver unhappy or unwanted information in a gentle and kind way. Point out better outcomes or alternatives you may see coming in the client’s future. This will help soften the blow.

  1. Don’t give extra time.

Keep an eye on your clock. As the session comes to an end, taper off your time together by saying something like, “Our time is nearly up. Do you have any quick questions?” Be sure your clients are satisfied before they leave, but don’t let them keep asking questions as you’re seeing them out.

If you have enough time, you can offer to extend their session, if they can pay for it. Remember that you are running a business. You may choose to give a client a little extra time at no charge but beware of individuals who take advantage of your kindness.

  1. End sessions on a positive note.

If your client doesn’t receive the answers he or she was hoping for, the reading can take on a dismal tone. So, strive to end every reading with something positive. Providing optimistic alternatives will offer clients hope. This should not be difficult for you to do—as a seasoned professional, you’ll have received this information during the reading.

It just isn’t possible to please all of your clients all the time. You can do your best every time. Then rest in the knowledge that you gave it your all, and move on. Follow the tips above will give you the best chance of having a full and successful professional practice!