Three Exercises to Sharpen Your Psychic Gifts

Three Exercises to Sharpen Your Psychic Gifts

Many people ignore their psychic gifts. They have become jaded by today’s world into believing these types of things are Old World hocus pocus and no longer relevant. Yet, nothing has changed about these types of abilities in all the millennia they have existed.

Types of Psychic Abilities

There are six types of psychic abilities and they all align with our six senses when you include all your physical senses and your sense of knowing that everyone has.

The clairs, as they are called, are the following:

  • Clairvoyance, also known as psychic seeing and experiencing dreams and visions.
  • Clairaudience, also known as psychic hearing and includes the ability to hear internal and external messages.
  • Clairsensitive, also known as a clear feeling or knowing and is described as a gut feeling.
  • Clairaroma, also known as clear smelling and is demonstrated by someone smelling an aroma when there is no physical reason to smell it.
  • Clairustus, also known as psychic tasting and is evidenced by someone getting an odd taste in their mouth when in a particular situation or thinking of a deceased person.
  • Claircognizance, also known as clear knowing where someone automatically knows things they couldn’t possibly have and evidence for knowing.

There are fun ways to heighten your psychic senses. Several of those include exercises. While these exercises are safe, it is always best to issue a prayer of protection before you delve into this type of exploration. You can do that by lighting a spiritual protection candle and allowing its light to flow throughout your body. You can also say a prayer of protection.

Below are three exercises to help develop your abilities:

First Exercise

Ask a friend to bring you an object you know nothing about. Place it in your hands and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths and relax. See if you can sense anything about the object and write down your impressions. Share this with your friend to see if you are correct.

Second Exercise

Get a friend or family member to hide an object. The object must be connected to a lot of emotional energy. It should be something like a grandmother’s necklace, a wedding ring, or something associated with a baby.

Now, close your eyes and try to connect with the object. You can try to enhance your abilities with an Intensity Psychic Talents Candle next to a glass of water and using vanilla incense. You can also read Psalm 78 from the Bible to focus on your abilities given by God.

Third Exercise

This exercise tests how good you are at predicting the future. You can do this alone. Start by getting into a meditative position, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.

As you grow into calmness and center yourself, imagine yourself in the next day. Observe what is happening, who you are around, and what you are doing. Picture what everyone is wearing, any music playing, what you are eating.

After you think you have detailed information, write down all that you visualized. Then, check your predictions with what happens the next day.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t do well in these exercises at first. Like anything else, your psychic abilities takes practice. The more you practice, the better attuned your abilities will be.


  1. This piece presents an interesting perspective on psychic phenomena. While many remain skeptical, the structured exercises offer a methodical approach to exploring these capabilities. It’s essential, however, to maintain a critical mind while engaging in such practices.

  2. The classification of psychic abilities into the six clairs is quite enlightening. The exercises to enhance these abilities are clearly explained. I appreciate the emphasis on issuing a prayer of protection beforehand, which underscores a safe approach.

  3. The article provides a fascinating exploration of psychic abilities. It’s intriguing to see how these clairs align with our sensory experiences. The recommended exercises seem practical for those interested in developing these skills, though one should approach with caution.

  4. The article makes a compelling case for the existence and practice of psychic abilities. The exercises mentioned appear straightforward and accessible to beginners. Although some may be skeptical, the methods described might prove beneficial for those curious about this subject.

  5. This overview of psychic abilities and corresponding exercises is well-structured and informative. The notion that psychic skills can be developed with practice is encouraging, though it’s important to approach these exercises with an open yet discerning mindset.


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